How to donate to your camp?

How to donate to your camp?
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Camps have daily operational costs and keeping it paid will increase its Prosperity and Management points. Other camp activities will require resources taken from the vault like period upgrade (essential for unlocking more features and merchant products in the camp), territory claiming (unlock more land to accommodate more members), decoration purchase, lucky bag making, etc.

How to donate to your camp?

Aside from taxes, camp members can make active donations to the camp vault, in exchange for Contribution Points. (currency used to purchase some items from the camp merchants) To know what specific resources the camp needs, operate the camp’s ATM and tap on Resources. Consistently donate the required resources as much as you can to help your camp reach its goal and update its period. You can only get a maximum of 2000 contribution points per week but you can still donate daily to help inch towards your camp’s goal.

How to donate to your camp?

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