Where do I find Honey?

Where do I find Honey?
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Honey is one of the valuable (blue) ingredients needed to cook some of the very good food items. In this page, we will be discussing some of the sources where you can get this valuable ingredient.

Buy from Merchants

Lafita in your private camp’s town hall sells this for 200 dollars each. You can buy up to 5 pieces daily. The steakhouse in Hope 101 also sells this for the same price and limit.

Where do I find Honey?

Specific Trees in Fall Forest

In Fall Forest, look for thick, branchy trees that look like in the screenshot below. They are usually near cabins and evac points. Just hit the tree once and the beehive will fall. Gather it as usual and you’ll obtain your honey.

Where do I find Honey?
Where do I find Honey?

Snow Highlands Bear Nest

This one is really specific and will usually require you to take down a high-level bear. If you managed to do so, just go inside the hollow part of tree where it is nesting to get your honey.

Where do I find Honey?

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