How to Research New Formula

How to Research New Formula
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Researching new formula (or crafting recipe) will be taught to players since it’s part of a series of tutorial tasks. To do this, you’ll need to construct a Formula Research Station. From there, you have different options but to create more formulas, you have to select Formula Composition.

How to Research New Formula
How to Research New Formula

Look to the left and you’ll find different Fusion categories. These represent what “quality” of the formulas you can get from the fusion. Fusion I allows you to get a random Basic Formula, Fusion II for Intermediate Formula, up to Fusion VI which allows you to fuse a random Ultimate Formula. Your access to the Fusion tiers is based on your Crafting Level. The game will display what Crafting Level is necessary to unlock the succeeding fusion tiers.

To craft a random formula, you need to spend Fusion Shards and Gold Bars. The cost for each fusion attempt increases as you go up the category tier. The formula you unlock using this method is permanent. You can craft them by going to the correct crafting bench and having the necessary materials.

How to Research New Formula

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can also obtain Limited Event Formula. These item formulas have limited use only and usually won as prize in events.

How to Research New Formula

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