Sep 25 Update

Sep 25 Update
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Official update notes are found here.

Mt. Wolf

Players with at least Gathering LV10 will be able to enter the stage. This instance requires a team to be participated in (full team not required). Players can join up to 3 times per day but can only accept the rewards once a day. At 3:00 AM everyday (daily reset), the stage attempts and climbing rewards will be reset. For a quick guide on how to reach the summit of Mt.Wolf, please refer to our dedicated Mt. Wolf Summit Guide.

Sep 25 Update

Once you’re in the instance, you can claim the limited-time outfit “Great Ambition” from Henry. He’s in the starting area. Since the outfit is on sale in the mall, we assume that this outfit will only be usable during the Autumn event period. You can wear this outfit even outside the instance.

Sep 25 Update

The whole team shares the summit made by the first team member to reach the summit. If a player quits the stage before anyone else reaches the summit, that player’s summit time will be invalid and he/she won’t be able to collect rewards.

Sep 25 Update

Autumn Event Available!

Please see our dedicated page for this event for more details about this event.

Sep 25 Update

New Camp Period Available

Camps can now enter Post-industrial Age by reaching Prosperity LV42. Once a camp reaches this period, it will have the following benefits

* Member cap increased to 100

* Max Prosperity Level increased to LV70

* 9 new camp technologies

Sep 25 Update

Camp members can also take advantage of the following new items that can be bought from camp NPCs.

* Armor Shop: Military Shoulder Bag

* Furniture Shop: B. Tower Art

* Tex Brandon: Premium Munition Boxes

Sep 25 Update
Sep 25 Update
Sep 25 Update

Bounty Hunt

This is a new instance that players can participate from Louise in Hope 101. You’ll be facing off an infected bride. This is extremely difficult even at the lowest difficulty so tackling this task with a full team is recommended. Here are some important notes for this instance:

* You’ll earn rewards based on your highest combat score.

* Combat score is calculated based on the amount of damage dealt and how fast you cleared the mission.

* There’s no daily entry limit but you can only earn rewards per difficulty.

* To help players, there’s very miniscule gun durability loss and lowered ammo refill cost that they’re almost negligible. So fire away.

Sep 25 Update
Sep 25 Update
Sep 25 Update

Other Feature and Content Updates

* Players can now gift Federation Membership between Android and iOS!

* Locations of Resource Point Quests in Redwood Town have been optimized so that Survivors can complete them quicker.

* Campmates, guests and other friendly players can now use fast travel to leave the Underground Vault.

Sep 25 Update

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