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AppGamer is an independant website owned and operated by Web Media Network Limited, UK company number 3783771. That selects mobile games and provides useful guide and tip content as well as honest reviews.

Heres a look at the team behind AppGamer.

As well as making sure the site is functioning as it should (you can reach out to him if anything on the site is broken), Mark provides unrivaled content for a diverse range of mobile games. He specialishes in survival sims and puzzle games.


Apart from browsing through an incredible number of mobile games trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff, Richard covers more of the casual type games for us on App Gamer. Like Mark, he enjoys a wide range of games especially buiding sims, retro titles and anything that he can just load up and play.


Paul, also known as "vhayste" is an incredible guide writer and we've been working with him for over 10 years on a number of sites. Paul can tackle any game and provide an in-depth and well written guide for it.
No game is to big for this guy, you'll also find him regularly contributing on our other website, SuperCheats.com


Keeping up to date with the latest games and offering helpful hints and tips is Dennis' specialty.


Anj, also known as 'Aryafortis' enjoys games from Nintendo consoles, as well as other genres that you can find on Steam, and on Mobile.

Steph, also known on AppGamer as 'private' is another incredible writer that we have been working with for years, she provides fantasic guides on a wide array on games on AppGamer.

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