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AppGamer was created in 2015 by independent web publishers, Web Media Network Ltd (UK company number 3783771.), with the aim of bringing visitors news and tips about the latest and best app games that we discover. Our aim is to dig through the thousands of app games that are released every year to highlight the best, and most interesting ones that we can find.

Created by two experts in the gaming field, Richard and Mark bring a lifetime of gaming experience to their readers every day. Supported by a small team of hand picked expert game content writers, AppGamer has established itself as an authority for both mainstream and niche app games informtation.

We'd also like to take the opportunity to thank to visitors to our site, without you, our doors would have been shut a long time ago. Thanks for visiting, helping to keep the lights on, and allowing independent sites like ours to have a voice.

Note about AI: All of the articles and writing on our website is curated and written by humans. Everything on AppGamer is written form start to finish by humans. We believe that people that visit our website want real and legitimate information based on human experiences and that is what you will get on App Gamer.

As well as making sure the site is functioning as it should (you can reach out to him if anything on the site is broken), Mark provides unrivaled content for a diverse range of mobile games. He specialishes in survival sims and puzzle games.


Some say he may have been born with a joystick in his hand, a gamer since the old wood grain Atari 2600s and still rocking on the PlayStation 5, Richard is an expert in all things video gaming, and his Bachelor's degree in English helps a little with putting his thoughts to paper... Or screen. Now well into his 40's with a lifetime of gaming experience, dedicated to helping gamers conquer challenges and unlocking hidden secrets, he still enjoys the challenge of finding new games to play and write about every day for AppGamer.


Vhayste started writing free guides and walkthroughs in 2006 for several online gaming sites. He has written hundreds of guides covering games from a wide variety of genres across different platforms. He's an avid JRPG and mobile gaming fan, and regularly plays games on the PC, Steam Deck, PS5, and mobile platforms. He strives to continue making comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides for his readers.


Keeping up to date with the latest games and offering helpful hints and tips is Dennis' specialty.


Anj, also known as 'Aryafortis' enjoys games from Nintendo consoles, as well as other genres that you can find on Steam, and on Mobile.

Steph, also known on AppGamer as 'private' is another incredible writer that we have been working with for years, she provides fantasic guides on a wide array on games on AppGamer.

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