Tips to avoid dying

Tips to avoid dying
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Here are some of our tips to prevent or minimize the instances of dying in the game.

1. Always gauge your combat capability against enemies.

In PvE areas, check the map for areas that’s within your combat mastery level. Seek out safe areas and take note of threatening events like nighttime in Fall Forest or the sandstorms in Sand Castle.

2. Always keep yourself healed up

Have a good stock of bandages and HP recovery food. Always keep your HP around 85-90%, considering the normal HP reducing effects of weather and sickness (like mild colds)

3. Beware of the map’s special weather or conditions.

There’s always dangerous weather or conditions in every map. Fall Forest has the occassional rain, cold weather, and swarm of infected that comes out at night. Sand Castle has violent snowstorms and heavily-armed mercenaries. Farstar City has mercenaries, random area bombing, and player-killers. Knowing how to avoid or deal with them is essential for your survival.

4. Don’t hesitate to run

Enemies in the game have a fixed distance where they can chase after you. After that distance, they’ll give up and run back to their spawn point. Don’t hesitate to run if you can’t handle the enemies. Sometimes you don’t even need to fight them at all. This is a different matter when it comes to enemy players. Some of them will chase you until they hunt you down or give up if they lose sight of you.

5. Strength in numbers

This is important especially when you’re exploring PvPvE zones like Farstar City. The game is full of dickheads who will attack players just minding their business, because they can. People like these will often attack lone survivors. Exploring in a two-man team will give you both mutual protection, unless of course, you run into a duo of player-hunting asshats.

6. Using the terrain

This is important when facing both enemy players, the infected, or animals. High grounds or buildings are always beneficial especially against the infected. You can use rocks as cover against enemy gunfire or projectiles. You can escape by diving in the water, switching to your scuba gear and swimming away. There are several ways that you can use the terrain to your advantage and survival.

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