Can I feed my dog with cooked food?

Can I feed my dog with cooked food?
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Yes you can! However, this is only available if you belong to a private camp that’s actively developing its R&D.

First, head to your town hall and interact with the R&D machine in the middle of the stairs. There you can see your camp’s developed technologies. (Ask your mayor or other officers what tech your camp is prioritizing)

Can I feed my dog with cooked food?

Next, select Technology R&D and select Industry Tech R&D. Advanced Dog Food is part of the very first tech your camp can unlock.

Can I feed my dog with cooked food?

If it’s unlocked, back to the main selections and select My Config. Select Deployment Change and add that tech as your individual tech. You can also allot other available techs in the other slots. Take note that all the changes you made here will only take effect on the next daily reset.

Can I feed my dog with cooked food?

Once this is enabled, you can feed your dog with stuff with food you have cooked from your backpack.

Can I feed my dog with cooked food?

So, do I need to feed my pet often?

Yes, since feeding them affects their temperament/ mood. If your dog’s mood is full, it will be very efficient with its assigned habit/job. However, you can’t just feed anything to your dog. Obviously, your dog will prefer meat such as the ones you can get from animals in the wild. Be careful of foods that you don’t really feed dogs in real life since their hunger may be sated but their mood will be affected.

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