How To Get Memorial Coins In LifeAfter

How To Get Memorial Coins In LifeAfter
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These are Invasion Event-related currency. There are several ways to obtain the Memorial Coins in LifeAfter.

Donate supplies

This is done in your camp. Depending on the state of the invasion, you'll find several NPCs in your town's plaza. Give them the supplies they need and you'll get a considerable amount of coins in return. However, the number of coins you'll get from them is limited per day.

How To Get Memorial Coins In LifeAfter

Kill Imperial Soldiers

In the Fall Forest, Sand Castle, and Snow Highlands maps, you will see many imperial soldiers group. Kill the soldiers. After killing a few imperial sergeants, you will get a reward of a few Memorial coins.

Rescue Hostages

At the same imperial camps, you will find people in need of rescue. Interact with them and help them to leave for rewards to get 1 Memorial Coin each.

How To Get Memorial Coins In LifeAfter

Resistance Operation Event

You can also earn these memorial coins from the resistance operation event. To take part in the event the event keep an eye on your mini map for some red circles / radars / route signs. Try to inflict as much damage as you can. You will get the memorial coins after the event ends.

How To Get Memorial Coins In LifeAfter

In addition to these there are some NPCs who can give you memorial coins. Iguana at Fall Forest and Apophis in Snow Highlands. You will find them near the defense camp (shield icon on the mini-map).

What can you do with Memorable Coins

Tap the invasion button at the top of the screen and then select the resistant storehouse tab. Here you can spend these LifeAfter Memorable coins for a bunch of items like armor material, new dollar, adrenal injection, skill points, formula shards, drill engine, R & D data, and many more items. Also under this tab you can check the defender leaderboard to see the rankings.

How To Get Memorial Coins In LifeAfter

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