How to Craft an Uzi SMG

How to Craft an Uzi SMG
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Quite soon in the game you will really want to be packing more of a punch from your weapons and the Uzi is the answer. It's damage is lesser than the Mondragon rifle but that is offset by its high rate of fire. To craft an Uzi you will have to gather a lot of items, but we've got you covered with this list of what to get and where to get it to craft your Uzi in no time at all!

How to Craft an Uzi SMG

How to Craft an Uzi

Before you set about collecting all the items you need to craft an Uzi, you should fulfill the requirements to unlock the Uzi formula and reach level 10 combat mastery. The Uzi formula is unlocked once you have reached Manor level 3. You can then go to your Gear Workstation to craft this weapon.

Once you are there you can focus on getting the stuff you need to craft an Uzi, you'll need the following:

* 10 Iron Casting (workable)

* 10 Hexagon Nail (workable)

* 20 Claw (raw material)

The game is also good enough to tell you how to get the materials needed to craft the components for this weapon. Just tap "Obtain Materials" and you can see the individual materials needed, including the details where you can obtain them.

How to Craft an Uzi SMG

How to get Iron Casting

To craft this material, you'll need three raw materials:

* 4 Tin Ore

* 4 Iron Ore

* 4 Wood Core

You can try to get all of these items by mining/logging but they are secondary items so these may take some time to drop for you, depending on your gathering skills and certification. You can try to speed things up by improving your mining and logging abilities. Take note that you must mine or log using a tool (preferably an Iron Axe and Iron Pickaxe. Mining barehanded will prevent you from getting any secondary resources.

Tin Ore: secondary resource from mining stones in Sand Castle or Charles Town.

Iron Ore: secondary resource from mining stones in Fall Forest or Farstar City

Wood Core: secondary resource from logging trees in Sand Castle or Charles Town

You can also buy Wood Core from other sources like the Marketplace, Map Occupation Merchants (depends on the occupying Camp if they'll sell this), and temporary online markets, accessible from your menu.

How to Craft an Uzi SMG

How to get Hexagon Nail

You'll need the following materials to craft a Hexagon Nail: Everything that you need to craft Hexagon Nails can be found in the Fall Forest.

* 2 Pig Iron (workable)

* 4 Hardwood Vines

* 2 Bones

How to Craft an Uzi SMG

Pig Iron also needs to be crafted first and will require the following:

* 2 Iron Ore

* 4 Twigs

Iron Ore: secondary resource from mining stones in Fall Forest or Farstar City

Twig: secondary resource from chopping trees in Fall Forest or Farstar City

How to Craft an Uzi SMG

Hardwood Vines: secondary resource from chopping trees in Fall Forest or Farstar City (only while raining) Can also be obtained from materials chests and crates.

Bones:These are dropped by killed animals or infected. You can easily gather these just by hunting them. It's recommended to do this in Fall Forest since you don't have to worry about other players killing you in Farstar City.

How to Get Claws

Claw is a little simpler to get as you just need to kill the animals, rebel mercenaries, or the infected in either Sandcastle or Charles Town. It's not easy to do this early one as they will be quite a high level. I suggest going through the Newbie quests until your level is high enough to tackle enemies in that area.

How to Craft an Uzi SMG


There are a lot of items to collect, but the increased firepower you get from the Uzi will allow you to progress more rapidly in the game so really, it is an essential item to try to unlock. To make the journey of farming all of the items a little easier consider teaming up with a buddy to help you get the items together, this is especially useful when you are gathering bone and claw as the animals and zombies will sometimes be hard to defeat. You can also trade with other players to try to get the items you need to craft an Uzi, that may get this task completed more quickly for you.

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