How to Construct an Ore Extraction Machine

How to Construct an Ore Extraction Machine
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The camp ore extractor is a mining machine that you can use to extract stone and certain secondary resources like Potassium Nitrate and Iron Ore (commonly used for a lot of basic components) To do this, you'll need to craft an Ore Extraction Machine first via the material bench. It will require the following materials and will take 10 minutes to be crafted.

*300 Wood

*100 Stone

*10 Hemp

It is strongly recommended to have a Drill engine Oil ready before running the extractor. You can still run the extractor without engine oil but that will decrease the yield of your machine. You can get it from the camp vault merchant or Hope 101's Furniture Shop (sold only in limited amounts, per day), from the Trade City, or randomly from chests in the wilderness.

How to Construct an Ore Extraction Machine

After crafting the extractor, you'll need to place it on an empty farmland. It will require 8 slots to be placed. Select your preferred drill bit and then add fuel. The process will take several hours but I suggest coming back often to check it since you'll need to maintain the extractor by Cooling it and removing rust. This will ensure that your extractor's yield will be increased and accelerate the production.

How to Construct an Ore Extraction Machine

When the ore is ready, the extractor will stop pumping and you can harvest the ore like you normally would; get your pickaxe and start hammering it to collect the ore. A drill bit will last 2-3 harvesting before you'll need to replace it again.

How to Construct an Ore Extraction Machine

Your Ore Excavator is not a permanent structure. Every time you harvest from the excavator, its durability will be reduced. Once its durability has been used up, it will be destroyed and you’ll have to craft a new one again. Don’t worry since the materials needed to craft one is quite common anyway. Since crafting it takes minutes, I suggest crafting a replacement in advance when your current excavator is about to be destroyed. You can leave it in your bench’s queue to save space.

So, can you have multiple excavators? Absolutely. As long as you have the drill bits and space to accommodate them.

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