What is Auto-Fishing?

What is Auto-Fishing?
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When you’re on a downtime, you can even set the game to fish automatically for you but of course, the catch rate will be lower compared to manual fishing. There’s also a daily limit on how much gathering mastery you’ll gain from auto-fishing. For players who switched to the Duty Rewards System, simply catching at least 3 fish a day will give them easy 8 duty points!

What is Auto-Fishing?

To do this, equip your fishing rod and lure as normal. After casting your line, tap on the icon in the middle-right portion of your screen. Now, you can do something else while your character does the work automatically. Auto-fishing will stop once your selected baits run out or your fishing rod gets destroyed. Once done, you'll get a summary about what you've caught and how much fishing mastery you've gained.

What is Auto-Fishing?
What is Auto-Fishing?

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