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Event Period: 7/18/2019 - 7/31/2019

How to join the event:

All players who log in during the event period is eligible to join the event. Access it by pressing the Summerday icon in the upper right corner.

Exclusive Currency:

The exclusive event currency for the event are shells. Shells gained during the event are only valid during the event duration. Unused shells cannot be converted to new dollars so make sure to use them before the event ends. It can be used primarily to get items in the event Market and “buying” additional participation attempts in the Honor Contest minigames.

Glorious Moment

A new costume called Glorious Moment is available for sale with it has its own exclusive action, similar to the last Cool Vacation costume. The set costs 1520 Fed Credits. You can still buy the outfit and hairstyle individually for 980 and 540 fed credits respectively. Owners of this costume can also be flocked by other players since there’s a duo training task requiring players to take a pic of another player proudly wearing this costume.


Limited Time Building Fusion Event


Players get a free Building Fusion once every 23 hours. To do this, do the following:

1. Access your Formula Research Station

2. Select Formula Composition

3. Select the Building Fusion category on the left

4. Tap the “Free” button

5. You can learn a new building formula. If you get a formula you already know, it will be automatically converted to Formula R&D data.


Doing this is guaranteed to yield a building-related Formula, which a chance to get a Chinese-style Building Formula. After the event, these formula will be added to each Fusion Level in the Formula Research Station (as part of the researchable formula pool)

Fireworks Blessing

During the event period, survivors with Manor LV3 and above can collect Fireworks materials randomly by gathering resources in different maps, defeating enemies, or fishing. You can collect a maximum of 20 fireworks materials per day.


You can then surrender the fireworks materials to the indicated NPCs in your camp, Hope 101, or Santophany. For every 10 fireworks materials you submit, you’ll get 1000 new dollars and 500 skill points. You can submit up to two times a day, earning you 2000 new dollars and 1000 skill points.


The materials submitted to the NPCs are collective per location. So for example, it doesn’t matter if private camp members submit their fireworks materials to Armight, Liza, Julie, etc. The total amount of materials will still be counted as a whole. Once enough materials (200 materials total) have been collected, free fireworks shows will be held in their respective locations. There will be 9 free shows daily. Take a selfie during these free fireworks shows to get a 1000 dollars and 500 skill points bonus reward!

Honor Contest

Honor Contest Availability: 18:00-22:00 (in-game time)

Required Mastery to participate: Gathering, Crafting, and Combat masteries should be at least LV15.

Participation Cost: Max of 5 attempts daily. First 3 attempts are free, last 2 attempts will cost 20 shells each.

Available Minigames: Horse Race, Snowball Fight, or (Timed) Diving


* Earn 100 total points: 20 shells, 1000 dollars

* Earn 200 total points: 30 shells, 3000 dollars

Additional info:

* At 22:30 daily, the top 50 players on the personal ranking will receive additional rewards via mail.

* The top 50 players with the most points will add their points towards the Camp Rankings.

*At 22:30 daily, all players in the top 10 camps will receive bonus rewards.

*The top ranking player in the camp can also receive the temporary titleHonor Contest Champion” valid for 1 day.

Similar to previous events, survivors can take part in a mini-game against other players. Once the participants have been matched (by the matchmaking system), they’ll be transported to the minigame map. Try your best in reaching 200 total points in three attempts to get both rewards!

Optional Packs

Two greatly discounted bundles are now available for purchase, where players can select what items they want to include in their bundle. You can only purchase one of the two packs during the event. Once purchased, open the pack in your backpack then manually select one item per category. Kindly see the details below:

Optional Style Pack: Costs 1480 fed credits (save 740 credits)

* Headwear (choose one): Camouflage, Fraternity, Nobility, High School

* Outfit (choose one): Camouflage, Fraternity, Nobility, High School

* Choose one: 60 Formula Shard, 8000 skill points, 6 LV1 Armor Materials, 6 LV1 Mechanical Materials

* Currency (choose one): 12,000 Gold Bars or 14,000 new dollars


Fashion Assort Pack: Costs 2580 fed credits (save 1080 credits)

* Headwear (choose one): Camouflage, Fraternity, Fairy Fox, Street Priest, Nobility, High School

* Outfit (choose one): Camouflage, Fraternity, Fairy Fox, Street Priest, Nobility, High School

* Choose one: 60 Formula Shard, 8000 skill points, 6 LV1 Armor Materials, 6 LV1 Mechanical Materials

* Currency (choose one): 12,000 Gold Bars or 14,000 new dollars

* Furniture (choose one): French Furniture Pack, Parrot Talk Pack, Manor Elevator Pack, Piano Gift Pack, TV Gift Pack

* Flowery and Voice (choose one): 4 speakers, 1 Lily Basket


Duo Training

Invite friends to participate in the event together. Take note that once you selected a training partner, he/she can't be changed anymore. Complete tasks listed to get mastery points, training certs, and cash. Rewards can only be obtained once.


Event Market

You can purchase items here using Shells or Shells with the combination of Fed Credits. There are limited packs and windows here for your manor.


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