How to Upgrade your Gun Attachments?

How to Upgrade your Gun Attachments?
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You can further enhance your gun’s individual upgrade parts to increase their stats. To do this,
you’ll need Mechanical Materials. (Please refer to our dedicated page to learn how to get these upgrade materials)

To do this do the following:
1. Make sure you have to Mechanical Materials in your backpack
2. Open your backpack, select the weapon.
3. Tap any of the attachments.
4. Tap Modify to access the Accessory Refit screen.

How to Upgrade your Gun Attachments?

For the first two stars, you can use x1 LV1 Mechanical Materials (we’ll call them MM for convenience) To reach 3 stars, you’ll need a LV2 Mechanical Material. How do we do that?
Well, you need to combine lower level MMs to get a single higher level MM.

How to Upgrade your Gun Attachments?

To create a LV2 MM, you have to combine two LV1 MMs. The MMs you have to combine should be present in your backpack.
1. While in the Accessory Refit screen (see steps above) tap the Part Compose tab.
2. Select the parts you have then tap Compose.
3. Select Compose All if you have multiple MMs to combine.

How to Upgrade your Gun Attachments?

To get a LV3 MM, you have to combine two LV2 MMs. (so LV3 MM = x4 LV1 MMs)
To get a LV4 MM, you have to combine two LV3 MMs (LV4 MM = 8 LV1 MMs)
… and so on.

How to Upgrade your Gun Attachments?

The maximum number of times you can normally upgrade an accessory/attachment is 7. The game will tell you some specific rules pertaining to this, especially for the higher level as such:
* Accessories lower than LV7 can use the same level materials to be modified and leveled up.
* After accessories reach LV7, you can add any level of mechanical/armor materials to increase their EXP. When you meet the EXP requirements, then you can modify and upgrade the accessories.
* For accessories above LV7, you can Add Mechanical/armor materials to them to give them a temporary level boost. The more materials you add, the higher the level and longer the temporary level lasts.
* When your accessories reach max level, you can’t add more materials to them. Temporary level boosts will not be applicable to maxed out accessories.
* Materials you have dismantled from accessories cannot be used for the Temporary Level duration.

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