How to get Certified

How to get Certified
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Certification in Lifeafter is choosing the job for your character. Selecting a job will allow you to specialize in certain fields like resource gathering, crafting, or combat. You won't be able to select a job immediately and you'll have to play the game until you reach Gathering LV10. Once you do, head back to Hope 101's Commerce Bureau and go to the second floor. Enter the second room to find Jessica.
How to get Certified

Talk to her to choose what Cert or profession you want to take. You can also examine each Cert and their bonuses before deciding. There are three categories of Cert to choose from. Please follow the links below to know more about their respective professional skills.
* Gather Expert
* Craft Expert
* Combat Expert
How to get Certified

Once you're decided, pay 1000 Gold Bars and 1500 Skill points to be officially certified. You can only select one Cert.
How to get Certified

What is the Best Cert?

So, what is the best cert in our opinion? Well, this will entirely depend on your style of gameplay or your enjoyment of the game in the long run. If you're just fine going out to gather materials as a survivalist, then one of the gathering expert certs will do. If you have a strong tendency to a particular way of fighting in the game or just want fighting other players, one of the combat expert certs may suit you really well. If you're planning to craft stuff and sell them to other players, then choose one of the crafting certs.

Once you have selected a Cert, you'll be able to see it whenever you pull up your Abilities Menu (where you can also see the progress of your masteries)
How to get Certified

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