What is Automatic Quest Completion?

What is Automatic Quest Completion?
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What is Automatic Quest Completion?

This is a convenient way for higher-level players to complete the daily quests in different Pact (PvE) areas. You’ll get the normal mastery, gold bars, and skill point rewards but you won’t get the items required to complete the quests. (For example, if one of your missions requires you to collect 10 hides, your quest will be completed but you won't have 10 hides sent to you) If you have switched to the Duty Reward System, completing the quest automatically gives you an instant 30 Duty Points.

To do this, you still have to travel to the map and interact with the quest board. Accept automatic completion there then wait for at least 15 minutes for your rewards delivered to your mailbox. While waiting for that, you can proceed in doing other tasks for ongoing events or daily NPC quests in the map you’re in.

Fall Forest: Gathering LV25
Sand Castle: Gathering LV30
Snow Highlands: Gathering LV???
Mouth Swamp: Gathering LV???

*(?) Confirmation Needed

What if you're teamed up with another player with no access to automatic completion?

Then the other player will still need to finish the tasks of his/her quest normally. You can still help your friend complete his/her tasks especially those that have cumulative progress like collecting specific number of materials or killing specific number of creatures/infected.

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