How to share resources

How to share resources
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One of the mechanics of team work in the game is the ability to share resources with those on your team. You can share a wide range of items to help out your friends.

To share you first need to be on a team with your friend. If you aren't already connected please check the page on How to join friends and start a team.

Once you are connected and in te same location you can tap the location icon the is at the bottom of the screen next to the chat box. Here you will find friends that are in your location. Tap on your friends name and then choose to send a gift.

Your friend will receive and notification and the option to accept or decline it. Once they accept you can select the items to send and they will again be asked to accept the resources.

Remember to check out our other hints and tip for the game. If you have any questions check the Answers Page above.

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