Romantic Qixi

Romantic Qixi
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Event Period: 08/01/2019 - 08/14/2019

How to join the event

All players who log in during the event period is eligible to join the event. Access it by pressing the Qixi icon in the upper right corner of the screen

Romantic Qixi

Exclusive Currency

The Qixi Letter is the game’s premium currency for this event. These are gained by doing event-related tasks such as completing the Scarlet Wedding quests, fulfilling other player’s wishes in the Qixi Wish mini-event, completing Duo Training tasks, or buying them from the Event Market. (1 credit = 2 Qixi Letters) Unused Qixi Letters will be automatically converted to cash at the end of the event.

Romantic Qixi

Moonlight Outfit Set

New Moonlight Set outfit is now available. The hairstyle and clothes come as a set so you can’t select one or the other. The outfit set costs 2980 credits that also comes along with its exclusive action, a Qixi Dish Pack, and Festival Sale Pack.

Romantic Qixi

The individual pack contents are listed below. To see their individual descriptions, go to the Qixi event page > Qixi Gift > Select the Pack > Tap the item.

Romantic Qixi

Qixi Dish Pack

* Valentine’s Fruit x2

* Chinese Valentine’s Day Snack Plate x2

* Chocolate Mousse x2

* Marshmallow of Love x2

* Love Donut x2

Festival Sale Pack

* 10,000 Skill Points

* 10,000 New Dollars

* 50 Formula R&D Data

* 2 LV1. Armor Materials

* 2 LV1. Mechanical Materials

* 2 Rainbow Paradise

Special Weapon Skin Chance Up

During the event, the fusion chances of getting all special weapon skins (Rain War, Snow War, and Collector’s Edition) are increased for a limited time. If you get another copy of the weapon skin you already own, it will be converted to Formula R&D Data instead.

Romantic Qixi

Scarlet Wedding

This is a 4-part quest set in Hope 101 where you’ll have to follow the hints to get the rewards. You have to complete the tasks in order to receieve each part’s rewards as follows:

Romantic Qixi

* Part 1 Completion Rewards: Lobster Feast, Qixi Letter x20

* Part 2 Completion Rewards: LV1. Mechanical Materials, Qixi Letter x25

* Part 3 Completion Rewards: LV1. Armor Materials, Qixi Letter x25

* Part 4 Completion Rewards: Formula Shard, Qixi Letter x30

Quest Stages

Romantic Qixi

* Part 1: Indiscernible Memorial

* Part 2: Fishermen Away From Sea

* Part 3: Extinguished Flame

* Part 4: The Price of Love

Qixi Wish

This event feature allows you to see other people’s wishes and grant them. You can also send your own wishes by using a Sky Lantern. You can obtain a Sky Lantern daily by claiming it from the event screen. After claiming it, open your inventory and use the Sky Lantern.

Romantic Qixi

From there, you can invite another player to fly the lantern together with you or write your own wishes alone.

Romantic Qixi
Romantic Qixi

You can write your own wish or leave it as default. You can also add a Wish Item from the list of available selectable items. If you’re flying the lantern together with a friend or another player, you’ll also be able to see his/her wish. Both players must confirm to fly the lantern.

Romantic Qixi

Now your wish will be among the clouds, with the wishes of other players. If another player sees your wish and decides to grant it, you’ll receive that item via mail. You can do the same by tapping any of the lanterns in the event screen then pressing the left or right arrows to browse through the wishes. Before you can make another player’s wish come true, you must have their wish item in your inventory as shown below. Once done, the item will be sent to them and they’ll receive an automated private message from you.

Romantic Qixi
Romantic Qixi

You can receive daily rewards by sending lanterns and fulfilling other player’s wishes. It will be a good idea to at least fulfill the wishes of players requesting only meager rewards such as twigs, pig irons, etc. The rewards you’ll get are listed below:

Romantic Qixi

Lucky Snap-Up

For this event feature, you’ll have six different items up for raffle. You can participate by spending 1 Fed Check for a “draw chance”. You can spend more to increase your drawing chances but there’s a limit on how much you can do this.

Each item has a maximum draw chance limit. In the screenshot below, the Combat Chip has a draw chance limit of 2105, while the Medical Chip has 3120. The number to the left of the limit indicates the number of draw chances players collectibly purchased for that item.

Romantic Qixi

If the draw chances reached the limit or the timer for the item runs out, one player who allotted a chance for this item will be randomly selected to win said item, which will be sent to their mail. Players who didn’t win will get a Qixi Letter sent to them instead, equals to the number of Fed Credits they spent for participating. Once an item from the list has been awarded to a lucky player, another item will be randomly listed for players to participate in.

Duo Training

Invite a friend to participate in the event together. Take note that once you selected a training partner, he/she can't be changed anymore. Complete tasks listed to get mastery points, skill points, resources, camp contribution points, Qixi letters, and cash. Rewards can only be obtained once.

Romantic Qixi

Event Market

You can purchase items here using Qixi Letters or with the combination of Fed Credits/Checks. There are limited furniture sets, Western Courtyard farmland components, Sky Lanterns, Santopany Experience Passes, and many more.

Romantic Qixi

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