What is the Camp Tax?

What is the Camp Tax?
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Joining a camp gives you a lot of benefits but it is to be expected that you have to do your part in improving your camp’s prosperity. Camp Tax is set by the camp’s mayor and applied to the resources you send back to your manor from the wilderness. You can see your camp’s current tax rate by operating the camp vault’s ATM.

Whenever you ship something from the wilderness, tax is automatically calculated and the items you’ll receive in your mailbox is already deducted. Thankfully, rare items like engine oils, drill bits, fertilizers, and other non-basic resource is not affected by this mechanic. Taxed items are collectively stored in the camp’s vault. You can review the camp’s collective resources by visiting the vault and accessing the ATM.

What is the Camp Tax?

Whenever the mayor changes the tax rate, every member will get a notification message. You can review this anytime via the Notifications button in the lower-middle of the screen.

What is the Camp Tax?

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