How to Fish

How to Fish
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You’ll learn how to fish as part of a tutorial mission. After doing that mission, you’ll be able to craft your fishing pole and lures from the Make menu. This will be even more convenient once you have access to the portable Nanoplastic crafting. Like other tools, your fishing rod loses durability for every use. Since you can’t repair it, you’ll have to use it until it breaks, then you have to craft a new one.

To fish, you’ll need the following in your backpack/inventory:

* Fishing Rod (600 Wood, 4 Hardwood Vine -or- 155 Nanoplastic I)

* Lures

How to Fish

There are three types of lures that will allow you to catch different kinds of fish or seafood.

* Metal Fish Lure (Generic lure, can catch a wide array of fish)

* Vegetable Fish Bait (Can attract herbivorous fish)

* Meat Fish Bait (Can attract carnivorous fish)

Here’s what you need to craft them. They come in 15 pieces per crafting:

* Metal Lure (4 Iron Ore, 2 Flint -or- 115 Nanoplastic I)

* Vegetable Fish Bait (4 Rapeseed, 8 Berries -or- 80 Nanoplastic I)

* Meat Fish Bait (4 Rib Meat, 4 Bone -or- 160 Nanoplastic I)

If you’re a member of a private camp, fishing in your camp’s pond is still recommended since you can just easily bring your catch home and cook/store them. Your private camp’s pond even has a public oven that you can use.

How to Fish

When you’re near a body of water or pond, you can fish using the following steps:

1. Equip your fishing rod

2. Select the lure you want to use.

How to Fish

3. Cast the line and wait until something toggles your lure

How to Fish

4. Once something bites your lure, a reel icon will appear in the lower right of your screen

How to Fish

5. You have to press and hold the reel button to pull in or release to let go. You have to keep the icon in the middle in the green zone, alternating between pulling and releasing until you catch the fish/shrimp/crab.

How to Fish

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