Where do I get X materials?

Where do I get X materials?
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Whenever you encounter a new formula or recipe, you’ll probably see a new material or component that you have no idea where to get. Don’t worry, since the game is kind enough to tell you where to get the individual components and where to make them. You just need to know how to do it.

If you’re working on a new weapon, armor, furniture, workable, etc, access their respective workbench. For example, you need a new weapon or armor. Access the Gear Workstation and select the new gear you want. You should see in the lower-right “Obtain Materials”. Tap it to open a new window displaying individual materials needed for the gear.

Where do I get X materials?

You’ll see the individual components needed of that selected gear. If a component require raw materials, there’s a checkbox in the bottom of the component’s thumbnail. Tap on that to expand the list and display the materials needed for that component. If there are more materials needed, you should see another checkbox and so on. Expand these to break down the list to the very basic raw materials needed. Tap on the individual materials to display their details, which includes where they can be obtained, purchased, or made.

Where do I get X materials?

One important thing to note is that the Obtain Materials button will only become available if you’re already capable of crafting the said item. If you select a locked formula/recipe, you won’t be able to see the list described above.

Where do I get X materials?

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