How to Send Manor Invites?

How to Send Manor Invites?
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Let’s say you’ve been designing and building your manor and you want other players, other than your camp mates or friends to visit and appreciate your labor of love. How can you do that? Sadly the game doesn’t tell you how to do it but we will be covering that in detail in this page.

First, look at the chat box in the middle of the screen. On the lower-right corner, tap the paper-and-pen icon. This will open another small screen above the chat box.

How to Send Manor Invites?

From there, select Manor. Another screen will appear. Here you can adjust how many invites you can send (up to a maximum of five) and if ever password or not is needed. The maximum visitation time is 1 hour. Take note that whatever photo you’ve set as the manor’s thumbnail will appear in the invite. To attract visitors, try to get the best image by adding captions, capturing from a good angle, and many more. Check our link to learn how to change your manor’s snapshot.

How to Send Manor Invites?

When ready, send the invite. It will be posted in the World Chat for all online players to see. If guests accept your invitation, you’ll see those in the chat as well. You can’t send manor invites consecutively since there’s a cooldown.

How to Send Manor Invites?
How to Send Manor Invites?

Perks of having guests:
* Can use the camp’s pond
* Guests can help defend enemies as allies, without damaging any manors or the camp
* Guests can interact with farmlands, message boards, and bring Popularity to the manor.

It is also possible to have unwanted guests like creeps who may enter your manor and log out while inside your home, personal quarters, even the bathroom. Don’t worry as character avatars gets “unloaded” by the system and since the manor invite is only good for 1 hour tops, your guests can’t overstay even if they want to.

How to Send Manor Invites?

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