Can you use your roommates' manor resources?

Can you use your roommates' manor resources?
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If both of you belong to a camp, try to move your manors closer together with your roommate so you can take advantage of the Remote Resource Sharing, meaning you can use materials stored on your friend’s manor and vice versa. Refer to How to Move your Manor for more details on moving your manor's physical location within the camp grounds. Consult your mayor or officers as well before moving. You and your roommate can also fast-travel between your main and side-manors for convenience.

Can you use your roommates' manor resources?

Now, remember that there's a limit on how much of your friend's resources can you use at any given time. This is called Intimacy. This allowance (and the type of resources you can share) increases as your Friendliness with your roommate increases as well. The amount deducted to the allowance will depend on the type of resource used. Take note that you can't sell items crafted using resources from your friend. This system prevents the abuse of someone else's resources.

Can you use your roommates' manor resources?

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