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Reverse: 1999 Cheats and Tips

Reverse: 1999

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Our best tips and tricks for Reverse: 1999

Reverse: 1999 Cheats and Tips
Reverse: 1999 Cheats and Tips

Reverse: 1999 is a time-traveling themed RPG set in a visually spectacular world. Get off to a great start with our best tips and tricks for this game.

Reverse: 1999 Cheats and Tips

Reroll or not?

For new players, rerolling might be a good idea before committing their time into the game. Rerolling allows you to maximize the chances of getting your desired or top-tier characters using the free currency or resources given to new players. This will help you decide as well whether you want to continue your progress in the game or restart the process. And all of these steps can be done without the need to spend anything.

Rerolling might take time but it can be worth it especially if you got any of the top-tier characters. Additionally, getting a character that you really want is additional motivation to play the game regularly.

Compelte Reroll Instructions

Reverse 1999: Reroll Guide.

Which are the best characters to keep after reroll

Best Characters to Keep Reroll Guide.

Proceed through the story

Progressing through the story will also unlock important system features like resource maps, game modes, collect trails, etc. Higher difficulty stages of resource maps are also locked behind story progression. These higher difficulty resource map stages yield more resources so it is actually more efficient to farm resources from them once your party is strong enough to tackle them.

Completed story stages also gives you access to their Hard mode versions which provide additional rewards and possible sources of upgrade materials that can't be farmed from resource maps. Finally, clearing stages and events in story maps allow you to collect Traces which can provide extra rewards once you have collected enough of them.

For detailed information regarding unlockable system features, please refer to our System Feature Unlock Guide.

Afflatus system

Afflatus is basically the game's terminology for different elements that you normally see in RPGs (fire, water, wind, etc). The game has six Afflatus types in Reverse: 1999. As you can see in the diagram below, the four main ones form the "wheel" where one afflatus is strong over the other and weak against another. The other two afflatus are just plain effective against each other. The stronger afflatus will deal 30% more damage against the weaker one. The damage from the same, unrelated or weaker afflatus will be the same. (The weaker afflatus won't suffer any damage penalty) Strategize around this mechanic since it will affect the flow of combat and your success rate.

AP System

During combat, the AP system will dictate the actions your characters can take. It is also tied to the number of characters on the field so if you have three characters (assist or reserve characters are not counted), then you'll have a full AP of 3. If one of your on-field characters gets knocked out and replaced by the reserved character, you'll still have 3 AP. However, once you are down to two characters, you'll only have 2 AP left, and with a single character, only 1 AP which will significantly limit the amount of attacks that you can do per turn. That's why it is really imperative to keep your party members alive at all times.

Incantation Star Level

Each character has three Incantations or abilities; two of those abilities have star levels, which will determine their damage output and if they'll have bonus effects activated. It will help you a lot when you know when to increase a star level since some incantations can be incredibly potent at 2-star or 3-star levels while some are fairly useful in their default 1-star levels.

You can raise an incantation's star level by "merging" it with the same copy and star level of the incantation as such:

  1. 1-star + 1-star = 2-star
  2. 2-star + 2-star = 3-star (max)

Merging cards manually will use 1 AP. However, no AP is used when a card is merged using a Tuning Skill or if they automatically fall into place when you're using incantations.

Pre-combat Preparations

Before starting any stage, you'll get to a preparation screen where you can change your party, and rearrange them and their psychubes. It is very important to pay attention to whether the selected party is good for the upcoming battle. Pay attention to the recommended afflatus (elements) and try to deploy characters that are strong against the expected enemies on that stage. Stronger characters will have the appropriate tags under their portraits as shown in the screenshot below.

If you don't have recommended characters for the stage, at least try to use neutral ones and avoid characters that are weak against the upcoming enemies if you can help it. At the same time, you can freely swap the positions of the characters, their psychubes, and even level them up quickly as long as you have the resources.

Team Composition

We have already pointed out how important it is to keep your party alive throughout the battle. This is where team composition really matters. Normally, you need to have the following roles:

  1. Damager - This is the character whose main role is to deal damage. Characters with incantations that focus on dishing out damage will normally have no other utility but they'll be exceptional for the role. (Examples: Lilya, Charlie, Centurion)
  2. Sub DPS/ Control - This is a flexible position; any character that can deal reliable damage and offer some sort of utility like debuffing enemies, inflicting status effects, buffing allies, etc. (Examples: Bkornblume, Sonetto, Druvis III)
  3. Healer/ Support - Finally, you need someone who can reliably heal the entire party. You don't need to rely on a character that can only heal; if a character has another utility outside of healing, the better. (Examples: Balloon Party, Dikke, Bunny Bunny)

You can rely on the character tags to identify their role to your party then examine their skills (including the incantation star levels) to further identify how their skills can complement your party.

Psychubes and Daily Pneuma Analysis

Psychubes are special items that can be equipped to your characters to give them stat bonuses and other beneficial effects. Similar to characters, they can be leveled up and uncapped to improve their stat bonuses. 5-star Psychubes have Amplification effects as well that you can improve by "feeding" them with the same Psychube as material. You should also consider leveling up your psychubes regularly to get the most out of their benefits.

Since each character only needs to equip one psychube and they can be freely switched, you don't need that much to outfit your party. It is highly recommended to clear the Pneuma Analysis resource map daily since it doesn't cost Activity Cost (stamina) and you are limited to clearing it two times every 24 hours.

Wilderness (Camp) Mode

This is a separate camp or base mode where you can create structures that allow you to earn resources passively over time, as well as place characters to passively increase their Bond with you. This map also allows you to craft high-rarity materials using their low-rarity counterparts. It is highly recommended to build your islands until you exhaust all spaces. If you don't really care about the design, you can just slap all available pieces until you're not allowed to anymore. Adding islands and buildings increases your camp's Vigor which boosts the resource output and character capacity.

That concludes our best tips and tricks guide for Reverse: 1999 Don't forget to check out our other articles about the game.

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