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Best Commanders

Which is the best commander in the game for you to use will really depend on a number of factors. The primary one being how much do you intend to spend playing this game! While Free To Play players can get by in the game fine, if you don't intend on spending any cash, or very little, then the way you approach collecting and upgrading Legendary Commanders will be very different to a pay to play gamer, or a whale (someone that spends large sums of money on the game). Revised September 2019.

As you advance in the game, Commanders are probably about the most important thing in the game, and having strong Commanders will dictate how well your troops perform in map battles with other players.

It's best to start of the right way, and that right way is to not upgrade your legendary commanders until the first skill is maxed. For example if you are collecting Richard, hold back on upgrading him until his first skill is at level 5. Because if you upgrade him and unlock new star levels you'll also unlock new skills, and each time you upgrade the commander skill level it is random as to which skill is actually upgraded. So it can become very difficult to max out the first skill.

Legendary Commanders

Another thing to note if you are free to play is that you probably just want to be concentrating on using the Legendary Sculptures and golden stars for just one Legendary Commander. Three great options for free to play players are Cao Cao, Charles Martel and El Cid. Cao Cao is for Cavalry, Charles Martel for Infantry and El Cid for Archers. Cao Cao sculptures seem to currently more readily available during normal gameplay so you may want to opt for him, however the other two are great. But just focus on one to begin with. Don't be tempted to use resources on all three as you will run out, especially if you are free to play.

There are another set of Legendary Commanders which are incredibly powerful, however these are either only unlocked by paying cash for them (eg Minamoto - or commonly known as MoneyMoto!) or by spending gems during an event, eg Wheel of Fortune or the new Card Matching event. If you plan to unlock one of these Commanders eg (Edward of Woodstock, Richard, Hannibal, Gengis Khan, then save up as many gems as you can for the unlocking events as you'll probably need to use thousands. But once they are unlocked they are usually upgraded in the normal way, with standard legendary heads and gold stars (expect Minamoto and maybe a couple of others) that require specific character heads.

Aethelflaed is another great legendary commander to unlock, she is legendary but her statues to upgrade her skills are collected via the Expedition campaigns, where you can spend Medals of the Conqueror for Aethelflaed scultpures. Make sure however, that you do not unlock her new skills until the current one is fully upgraded. Aethelflaed is especially good in Barbarian Battles, see our guide on: How to Battle Barbarians Efficiently to see why.

From the beginning of the game look for opportunities to gain legendary sculptures and gold stars, you'll need a load of these for the final upgrades of legendary commanders.

One more thing... At the time of writing, September 2019, the game is only one year old and Lilith, the game developers are still in the process of adding more commanders to the game.

Best Legendary Commanders

Richard or Charles Martel
Charles will be easier to unlock initially, but Richard is better if you are prepared to spend the gems needed to unlock them. Both are awesome with infantry and on the map battles with other commanders. Richard is a total tank who will heal your troops and dish out some nasty debuffs to the opposition. To get the best out of both commanders you'll need to max out their skills, so choose just one and go for it!

Awesome as a barbarian attacker especially when teamed with a healer. Also has good debuffs on the field too to effectively take down T5 troops to be only as strong as T4s. Easier to upgrade than most legendary commanders too so this is why Aethelflaed stands out as one o fhte best legendary commanders in the game.

Edward of Woodstock
Another awesome legendary commander and one that has only added into the game during September 2019. Particularly strong with archers fighting against infantry on the map. May be hard to unlock unless you spend a heap of gems.

A Legendary Commander that is only currently unlockable during events, but this will likely change over time. He is particular powerful in conquering attacks, but is really going to be better for pay players as to win the events to unlock him you'll be fighting against some big spenders in the game.

Best Epic Commanders

Epic level commanders are the next level down from Legendary Commanders, and are upgradable with silver stars and silver heads. While not nearly as strong as legendary commanders, all free to play players will probably focus on these commanders as the ones they turn to to use a lot of the time.

The Epic Commanders that stand out as the best for me are the following:

Joan of Arc
Excellent support commander with good healing abilities and also a good gatherer. Not so many commanders are good both at gathering and in battle.

A good Epic Commander for Cavalry, so if you are concentrating on a Legendary Infantry Commander, then this Cavalry Epic Commander is a good option to focus your upgrades on. He's better imo than Belisarius and other Epic Cavalry Commanders.

Eulji Mundeok
If you have selected Cao Cao as your Legendary Commander to try to upgrade, then Eluji is a good Epic option for you as he is strong with Infantry, although not as strong as the Lengendary Infantry Commanders, he is good for an Epic.

Hermann or Kusunoki Masashige
These guys are more or less equal as Epic Archer Commanders, at some point you may need one of these guys too as they will be great against Infantry on the battlefield - But not so good against Cavalry.

Really you need to have one strong Cavalry, Infantry and Archer commander.

Lohar and Boudica
These are both good Epic Commanders to have to help with Barbarian Battles. If you want to use up a lot of Action Points quickly, then eventually you'll need more commanders that are Peacekeepers, and these two fit the bill very well.

Take a look here on our page for best secondary commanders, which are unlocked when a commander reaches level 20: Best Secondary Commanders

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