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Who is the best Commander in Rise of Kingdoms? It's not easy to answer this question as many factors come into play, but the current #1 overall commander in Rise of Kingdoms is Attila.

Attila, the best Commander in Rise of Kingdoms
Attila, the best Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

However that's not the end of this article on the Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, for many Attila is unobtainable, for others, they may have no interest in Cavalry or have no interest in defeating other Cities. Because this is where Attilas strength is, he is currently OP when it comes to taking out an opponent's City when teamed with Takeda - In fact he is so OP many people are complaining that he needs to be nerfed quickly by Lilith or at least offer players a commander that stands a chance at defeating.

If Attila is unobtainable for you and you would like to develop a strong cavalry commander then look at Minamoto (if you are pay to play) or Cao Cao if you are free to play. Minamoto is undoubtedly the stronger of the two, but you have to pay to unlock and develop him. Whereas the Cao Cao heads are a lot easier to acquire and it's a real possibility for free to play players to eventually get him to expertise level.

Richard, the best Infantry Commander in Rise of Kingdoms
Richard, the best Infantry Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

My preference is for Infantry commanders, I prefer them overall, they are strong on the battlefield and and put up a good fight in a group. My choice for overall best Infantry Commander is Richard. He is has been around in the game since the beginning, but a strong Richard is incredible on the battlefield. Personally, I team him with an expertised Alex as secondary and they do well.

When in comes to archers, still the best in my opinion is Yi, if you can't get him then Edward or Ramses are a close second. Yi, in my opinion has the best AOE effects of all the archers, which is why he is my number 1 choice.

Yi Seong, the best Archer Commander in Rise of Kingdoms
Yi Seong, the best Archer Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

Best Field Support Commander

In large field battles the best support commanders offer incredible strengths to your own commanders and also allied armies, the three outstanding commanders when it comes to support are Æthelflæd, Joan of Arc and Sun Tzu. The best is Æthelflæd and she is obtainable via purchases in the Expedition Campaign. If you can't get her, then probably I would go for Joan as she is great for collecting resources too.

Æthelflæd, the best Field Support Commander in Rise of Kingdoms
Æthelflæd, the best Field Support Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

Best Barbian Battle Commanders

Lohar and Boudica are both good Epic Commanders to have to help with Barbarian Battles. If you want to use up a lot of Action Points quickly, then eventually you'll need more commanders that are Peacekeepers, and these two fit the bill very well. Both are really easy to get and to max out

Take a look here on our Tier List page for more information on the best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

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