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Altar of Darkness

Altar of Darkness
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The Altar of Darkness is a building in the Lost Kingdom that allows you to gain both individual and alliance honor.

Basically whichever alliance is controlling the Altar of Darkness needs to get as many of it's members to assemble at the altar for the duration of the time it is open. Usually 2 hours. While they are there, and the Altar of Darkness is open, each member of the alliance will gain honor at a rate of 50 per hour individually and 15 per hour for the alliance. Only one march be able to gain honor. So you even if you send all five marches to the Altar you'll still gain the same as if you just send one.

Altar of Darkness
Altar of Darkness

The benefit of sending more marches, is that each march that attacks and defeats a dark stalker will gain the experience points, and because the dark stalkers are difficult to beat, you may need to help out your alliance by providing more marches. Also if a dark stalker defeats your single march, then you won't have representation at the Altar of Darkness, so won't be gaining honor!

Dark Stalkers
Dark Stalkers

Points to note:

1) Altars of Darkness are open for contending every 60 hours, and remain open for two hours.

2) As well as defeating the dark stalkers, only your alliance members can be int he square surrounding the altar of darkness, otherwise you will not capture the altar and not gain honor.

3) While the Altar of Darkness is open, Dark Stalkers will spawn during set time periods, you need to defeat these in order to keep gaining control of the Altar and to continue to gain honor points.

4) Only one army per governor can gain honor points at the Altar of Darkness

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