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Eve of the Crusade

Eve of the Crusade
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Eve of the Crusade is the first event in the Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) event. This is a 9 day event which is split into a number of stages. As you play through the stages you'll aim to complete the tasks in order to gain both individual and kingdom crusade points. As well as receiving very good rewards in relation to the amount of effort and action points spent you'll also be helping your kingdom get the best buffs to take into the final part of the Kingdom vs Kingdom event.

Eve of the Crusade
Eve of the Crusade

After the Eve of the Crusade event finishes, the ancient passageway beneath the Lost Temple will be opened and governors from different kingdoms will be able to teleport onto the new map the Lost Kingdom and the next stage of the Kingdom vs Kingdom event will begin.

Stage 1: The Lost Secret

'A new breed of barbarian has appeared in the kingdom. They are stronger and more ferocious, and governors who have defeated them in battle have discovered that they carry mysterious scraps of parchment containing miraculous drawings.'

Stage 1 - The Lost Secret
Stage 1 - The Lost Secret

1. Defeat marauders to receive Worn Leather Satchels, which have a chance to contain Scraps of Parchment.

2. Collect a complete set of 7 different Scraps of Parchment and exchange them for Kingdom Supply Chests containing abundant rewards.

3. Each time you exchange a set of Scraps of Parchment for Kingdom Supply Chests, you will receive individual crusade points and earn kingdom crusade points for your kingdom.

4. All unused items will be reclaimed at the end of this stage, so don't forget to use them.

Exchange a complete set of Scraps of Parchment: 5000 points.

Tips and Strategy - Eve of the Crusade

Marauders, these look and behave like barbarians, once the Eve of the Crusade event starts they will spawn all over the kingdom, the general recommendation is that this is a great event to use up all of your spare action point potions, the rewards are better than you would normally get fro utilising your action point potions in other events. Literally you can expect to pick up days of speed ups if you are prepared to use a ton of these action point potions, I'm talking well over 10,000 action points though.

Finding Marauders on the Map
Finding Marauders on the Map

After you kill the marauders as well as normal rewards, you'll receive a satchel, each satchel drops a random scroll, there are 7 kinds of these scrolls to collect, and each time you collect a set these can be traded in for a reward chest and 5,000 points towards your individual score and overall kingdom score.

For more efficency, use as many of your commanders as you can to kill marauders - It's helpful if they all move at about the same speed too
For more efficency, use as many of your commanders as you can to kill marauders - It's helpful if they all move at about the same speed too

Although it shouldn't matter, you may find that you get a better range of different scrolls if you only open the satchels once you have a load - not every time you get one, so maybe wait until you have hundreds of these satchels before opening them up all at once.

Same advice holds for the rewards chests, wait until you have hundreds before you open them, there are 3hr and 8hr speedups to be found in some of these, as well as other goodies.

You could also consider teleporting to a quieter part of your kingdom with fewer governors, that way there will be less competition for killing marauders and you might find that you can kill a bunch of them more quickly than in busy areas.

Another tip could be to team up with other members of your kingdom and hunt the marauders together because there are only a limited number of marauders on the map at any one time. If you hunt together, then you'll all get the benefits.

How to get more Action Point Potions

To score well in this event you'll need to spend a lot of action points, so hopefully you have stored up a lot of those green potion bottles and be ready to use them all up to help your Kingdom succeed in this event.

There are a few ways to get more action point potions, for me, the best way is to by being part of an active alliance that is constantly defeating barbarian forts. Sometimes the rewards that the whole alliance gets are action point potions, you can check out if you are getting any this way by going to the Alliance Gifts section and selecting the 'normal' tab.

You will also receive a 100 action point potion if you complete up to the third chest in the daily objectives.

If you spend money in the game, then the Treasure of he King bundle will get you 500 action points as well as a heap of other items.

Rune of Sthenia V

For temporary increased action point recovery you can collect the Rune of Sthenia V which appears from time to time near the Sanctum Guardians. It's worth the small effort to get it. Also you don't forget to share the locations of these with your kingdom, or clan, so more people are reminded to take this benefit.

Rune of Sthenia V - Increased Action Point Recovery
Rune of Sthenia V - Increased Action Point Recovery

Stage 2: Prepare for Battle

This is a three day stage where you simply have to train troops in order to earn points to help your own and your kingdom's score in the overall rankings. There are also individual reward milestones that you can collect along the way up to 200,000 which will give you 500 gems, 3 gold keys and 3hr speedup. Other items you'll get as you work your way to 200,000 and hopefully beyond are generally speed ups and resources.

For most efficient training look out for the training rune, and also ask your kingdom for the general. But at this time probably everyone will want to be the general because of the buff it provides to training speedup, so you may find yourself in a queue for it.

The points you earn for training troops also depend on what level they are:

Tier 1: 1 Point

Tier 2: 2 Points

Tier 3: 4 Points

Tier 4: 8 Points

Tier 5: 20 points

Remember you can always upgrade your troops at a later date.

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