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Ark of Osiris

Ark of Osiris
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The Ark of Osiris update to Rise of Civilizations is the much anticipated Kingdom vs Kingdom update where the top alliances from various kingdoms are pitched in battle against the top alliances from another kingdom.

This update to game was launched during January 2019.

Basically your alliance either becomes followers of Seth or Iset and do battle on a new playing field to capture and main hold of structures in this new world. Varying points are allocated to different structures and the battles continue until the time reaches zero.

Alliances that are eligible are those alliances in the top 20 of their respective kingdom, and then the alliance needs to choose 30 players to represent them in this kingdom vs kingdom event. The matchmaking system tries to ensure that alliances of more or less equal strength are pitched against each other.

Ark of Osiris

Ark of Osiris

There are some rules to consider though and basically before you enter the battlegrounds you need to ensure that all of your troops have returned to your city, there are no wounded troops in your hospital and that your city is not in War Frenzy mode.

There are two phases to the event. The preparation phase where you can place alliance markers, but not teleport, occupy structure or dispatch troops, and the battle phase which is itself split into three phases: First period - Obelisks and outposts are unshielded; Second period - All remaining structures are unshielded; Third period - Ark of Osiris appears.

At the end, the alliance with the most points wins!


Structure Action Alliance Score Individual Score
Ark of Osiris Complete Escorts 3000 300
Altar First Occupation 750 75
Altar Continuous Occupation 150/m 15/m
Outpost First Occupation 80 8
Outpost Continuous Occupation 30/m 3/m
Shrines First Occupation 400 40
Shrines Continuous Occupation 80/m 8/m
Obelisk First Occupation 100 10
Obelisk Continuous Occupation 20/m 2/m
Level 1 Caravans Provisions 50 150
Level 2 Caravans Provisions 75 225
Level 3 Caravans Provisions 100 300
Kills Defense 10,000 Power= 40 Points
Kills Attack 10,000 Power= 80 Points
Kills Field Battles 10,000 Power= 40 Points

Ark of Osiris Game Map

Ark of Osiris Game Map

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