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With the April 2019 update, achievements have been added to Rise of Kingdoms.

You can find achievements by tapping your avatar which is in the top left corner of the screen, then selecting the Achievements icon.

There are four main threads of achievements; Engineer, Overlord, Vanquisher and Adventurer. Each thread is based on a type of gameplay within Rise of Kingdoms.

Engineer achievements are based around the development of your City and Alliance and include such things as using speedups, gathering resources, obtaining individual credits and upgrading buildings.

Overlord achievements are based on unlocking commanders and increasing their power, troop development and destroying barbarians, forts and guardians.

Vanquisher achievements are based on battles on the map, expedition mode, defending your own City and plundering resources from other governors.

Adventurer achievements are based on opening chests, exploring and a few other random things.

Completing each of the individual achievements will unlock chests that contain a variety of goodies including keys, statues and other special rewards.

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