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Mouth Watering Zongzi

Mouth Watering Zongzi
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June 2020 sees the introduction of the Mouth Watering Zongzi event. It is one of those where you can spend 7000 Gems and literally recoup almost all of the back if you manage to complete the last tier of the event.

You don't need to unlock the bonus tier with 7000 gems right away, you can do this towards the end of the event when you are sure that you will reach the last tier and still claim all of the rewards that you have past already. The reason for not spending 7000 gems and unlocking the bonus tier right away is in case there is a More than Gems event where you get rewarded for spending gems.

Mouth Watering Zongzi
Mouth Watering Zongzi

How to Play Mouth Watering Zongzi

In the Mouth Watering Zongzi event, you have to collect bamboo leaves to continually unlock new tiers until you gave completed them all and unlocked everything. As you unlock each tier, the number of bamboo leaves you need to complete a tier will increase.

Unlock the Special Items

There are two unique items that can be unlocked with this event, the first is the Special Kite Decoration, which you get once you reach level 15. The second is the Dragon Boat Wish City Theme which is unlockable at level 17 for people that have paid 7000 gems to unlock the bonus rewards. Remember you can still unlock the bonus tier and get this reward if you make the purchase after you have past this level.

How to Get Bamboo Leaves

This is event is all about collecting Bamboo Leaves, you get this via three methods:

- Map Collection of Resources

- City Collection of Resources

- Defeating Barbarians

All pretty simple stuff, but you can vastly increase the amount of bamboo leaves you can get in a day if you make everything a little more efficient.

Find the Leaves
Find the Leaves

For example, for map collection of resources, the optimum amount of resources for your troops to collect and return in order to be rewarded with a bamboo leaf is about 100,000. So if you are prepared to be concentrated on the game for a period of time and just send out troops to collect 100k of a resource then send them out again, the amount of bamboo leaves you will get from map collection will be a lot higher. If you set your gatherers to collect too little, then you may not be rewarded with a bamboo leaf.

Same with city collection, you probably want to be collecting from your City every 15 or 20 minutes to get the optimal amount of bamboo leaves. If you collect too soon, you won't get a leaf for the collection.

The most efficient method to defeat Barbarians is to use a Barbarian specialist teamed with an AoE commander so that you can try to chain multiple attacks without using extra AP. So that basically means sending out your single march to a group of barbarians, attacking one of those, then trying to reposition your march so that they also attack another barbarian team close by at the same time, this will save you AP as you won't be charged for this simultaneous attack.

However it's not so easy, if you are learning to do this, you may well find that your commander disengages with the first attack and then goes onto attack the group you are trying to chain with... Which does not save you AP and wastes a bit of time.

People tend to have mixed results with this method, if you want to save AP, and have the time and patience to try to make chain attacks, then go for it as it is a really efficient way to get bamboo leaves in the Mouth Watering Zonzgi event.

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