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Joining an Alliance

Joining an Alliance
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To succeed in this game or even play this game, you really need to find a decent Alliance to be a part of. The benefits of being in an alliance include help with speeding up building, research and healing, support in case you ever come under attack, and safety, because if you are part of a strong alliance then people will really think twice before launching an attack on you.

So, how do you find a good alliance. I guess the easiest way is to check out the better players in your area when you start the game. Check out the alliances that they have joined (using the three letter search code for an alliance) and checking them out. You can then apply to join the one that you feel most comfortable with. i.e. some may have strict rules, and some may be pretty casual.

Once you have settled on an alliance, at some point in the near future you really want to teleport closer to them, so you can more easily assist your alliance, and they can assist you better also.

Use the Beginner Teleport which is in the Items section to move closer. This is done by finding your alliance main area and finding and selecting a clear space on the map that is close to that area. Alliances will grow over time, so if you are not in the immediate area of the alliance as soon as you teleport, there is a good chance that they will expand into that area soon.

For more details you can check out our Beginners Guide.

Check out these tips for Finding a Good Alliance.

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