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City Hall

City Hall
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The City Hall is the main building of your City and determines your level in the game. Upgrade the City Hall as much as you can to unlock important things like a bigger troop dispatch queue.

At the moment the max you can get is 5 sets of troops being dispatched at the same time. This is unlocked when you reach level 22 City Hall.

Other key levels are:
10 - Enter the Iron Age
11 - Unlocks a third Troops Dispatch Queue

16 - Enter the Dark Age
17 - Unlocks a fourth Troops Dispatch Queue

21 - Enter the Feudal Age
22 - Unlocks a fifth Troops Dispatch Queue.

Each time the City Hall is upgraded you will get rewards, so look out for those! It often includes a whole heap of gems.

Be aware though that to upgrade a City Hall there are a number of pre-requisites according to the level you are trying to attain. Such as upgrading your Academy, Wall etc... Check the upgrade and plan ahead for each one.

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