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Now or Never

Now or Never is a time limited special event in Rise of Kingdoms.

Now or Never Event - Rise of Kingdoms
Now or Never Event - Rise of Kingdoms

The idea is that you spend your speedup items - It doesn't matter which ones - In order to unlock various stages of awards.

The first reward is unlocked at 600 minutes and the last one is unlocked if you are able to use 35,800 minutes of speedup items during the event. 35,800 minutes is about 597 hours or just under 25 days!

Use 600 Minutes of Speedup Items
Equal to 10 hours
Rewards: 5x50k food, 5x50k wood 10m builder speedup

Use 5,300 Minutes of Speedup Items
Equal to 88 hours or 3.7 days
5x150k food, 5x150k wood, 5x112,500 stone, 4x50k gold

Use 14,300 Minutes of Speedup Items
Equal to 238 hours or 9.9 days
6x5k tomes, 4x60min builder speedup, 4x60min research speedup, 4x60min heal speedup

Use 35,800 Minutes of Speedup Items
Equal to 597 hours or 25 days
10x Dazzling Starlight Sculpture, 7x 3 hour speedup

In my opinion, getting to the second stage of the rewards and receiving the resources bonus, is definitely worth it. The next two levels are a lot harder to get to, especially for free to play players, BUT if another event is running at the same time, in which using speedups will also help you complete the tasks there, it may be worth a try!

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