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Picking Up Pieces

Picking Up Pieces
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In the Picking Up Pieces event you have to collect puzzle pieces to use in the Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands event.

You can collect pieces in this event in three ways:

1) Alliance Help

Tap the shake hands symbol whenever you see it hovering over your Alliance Center in your City. This will help all of your Alliance members that have requested help and are still eligible to receive help.

2) Defeat Barbarian Forts

It really helps here if you are a part of an active alliance as this will require Fort Rallies. If you are interested in finding a new Alliance, check out this page of our guide: Finding a Good Alliance.

Apart from helping you complete the Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands event, destroying Barbarian Forts is a great way to collect a good deal of Tomes of Knowledge which you need to upgrade your Commanders.

3) Courier Station Purchases

We recommend that you always use collected resources to make courier station purchases, you'll need to check in with the game a few times during the day as the Mysterious Merchant will only be available some times.

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