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Red Packet Bonanza

Red Packet Bonanza
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It's the Chinese Lunar New Year, and with it, Rise of Civilizations have introduced a special time-limited event, Red Packet Bonanza.

Red Packet Bonanza
Red Packet Bonanza

The idea is that you collect 'Lucky Fu' to gain better rewards from your Red Packets as you progress through the levels. If you can get all the way up to level 10 you'll receive the Lucky Lion which is a special decorative statue, 7 gold stars and one gold key. On the way up to level 10 there are a whole host of other great rewards to unlock too so it is definitively an event to think about participating in.

You can get Lucky Fu in three ways:

1) Giving Alliance Help

2) Defeat Barbarian Forts

3) Courier Station Purchases

Getting Lucky Fu
Getting Lucky Fu

You are not guaranteed to get Lucky Fu each time you complete one of the three things above but there is a chance.

Alliance help is super easy to give, just tap the shake hands symbol whenever it appears over your Alliance Center. Likewise Courier Station purchases are easy and you just need to check back in with the game regularly to try to catch the Merchant when she comes to your City. There are often items in the shop that can the purchases with resources, but during event times such as these, you may be tempted to use your gems to make Courier Station purchases too.

The other way to get Lucky Fu is to defeat Barbarian Forts. This can only be done via a rally which will involve you either starting a rally on a fort or joining one that has been launched from a member of your alliance.

For more information on on how to do this check out this page: How to Defeat Barbarian Forts

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