Rise of Kingdoms

Talent Tree 2.0 Update

Nov 14th 2018

The much anticipated update which overhauls the Talent Tree in Rise of Civilizations has gone live as a downloadable update to players today.

Talent Tree 2.0 Update
Talent Tree 2.0 Update

The update which completely changes the talent tree, is a big improvement over the old one, and makes the talent tree a lot easier to understand and use.

All commanders have their talents reset and you again receive all of your talent points back from each commander so you can set the up more logically based on how you want them to perform for you.

The tree clearly sets out three specialization paths for each commanders and the talent upgrades that you select should reflect how you will use your commander in the game. These specialization paths will be different according to who your selected commander is.

For example, Joan of Arc can take the pathways; balance, gathering and support. While Boudica has available to her; balance, nuker, jungler.

For more information about playing Rise of Civilizations, including how to select the best commanders, check out our guide to the game here: https://www.appgamer.com/rise-of-civilizations/strategy-guide/

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