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Spring in the Air

Spring in the Air
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The Spring in the Air event in Rise of Kingdoms is an event where you try to get Pot of Dew rewards by completing Map Resources Collections, City Resources Collections or Defeating Barbarians.

Spring in the Air Event - Rise of Kingdoms
Spring in the Air Event - Rise of Kingdoms

You won't get a pot of dew every time you complete one of those tasks, but you will stand a chance.

Any Pots of Dew that you win will be sent to you via the games mail system, so check there in the System folder. You can use the Read and Collect All button to grab all Pots of Dew quickly.

Pots of Dew

So what do you do with these Pots of Dew? Well at the same time as the Spring is in the Air event is running, other events will be running at the same time such as the Tree of Fellowship.

Basically, with your Pots of Dew collected, head over to the Tree of Fellowship event page, and you will be able to add water to the Tree of Fellowship if you have Dew, just tap the water button to add your Pots of Dew to the Tree of Fellowship, this will contribute to the alliance rewards level and also you will receive Green Leaf.

Green Leaf

So what do you do with the Green Leaf? Well you take them to the Sunny Breeze event, which should be running as well at the same time, and you can exchange these (sometimes in conjunction with Flower Petals - How to Get Flower Petals?) for rewards.

If you only have green leaf, then probably the best reward you can get is the golden key. There are 20 available to collect in the Sunny Breeze event, and each one costs 20 Green Leaf.

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