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The Great Ziggurat is the final holy site to be unlocked in the Lost Kingdom, is the most powerful, and offers the greatest rewards to the first holder and for the alliance that is holding the Ziggurat at end of the Lost Kingdom. It is located directly in the center of the Lost Kingdom map.

The Great Ziggurat
The Great Ziggurat

Seeing as it is the most sought after prize in the Lost Kingdom, it will be the most hotly contested site in the game. Whether or not your alliance can take the Zig or not will depend on it's strength as well as a lot of negotiation and pacts from your alliance leaders. Perhaps your kingdom will share control of the Ziggurat so more alliances can benefit from it's rewards for some of the time. But there can only be one first holder, and one last holder for the really big rewards.

The Great Ziggurat is guarded by incredibly strong barbarians who must be defeated initially to gain control of the Great Ziggurat. It's no easy task, and it may require the assistance of other alliances for you to defeat the barbarians and take ownership of the Zig.

There are also four Citadels around the Ziggurat which can also be captured as you would any other holy site, by building flags up to the Citadel and then contesting it's ownership.

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