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How to max your points in The Mightiest Governor

How to max your points in The Mightiest Governor
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Every couple of weeks we have the Mightiest Governor Event (MGE) in Rise of Kingdoms, the rewards are great, but to reach the top you have to set yourself up correctly a long time in advance as well as excelling in all of the events across the 6 days that the event runs for.

Day 1: Train Troops

This is the first part of the Mightiest Governor Event (MGE), and to get the best score you really need to be popping a troop boost well in advance of this event.... Let me explain. When you play the game, especially during the kingdom vs kingdom you can pick up loads of great rewards, one of these is a boost to the number of troops that you can set your barracks (or stables etc...) to create. So if you can pop a 50,000 troop boost some time before a Mightiest Governor event you can go into the Train Troops day with potentially loads of troops being created on the day of the event.

Couple the train troop boost with a training rune and the Duke title and you'll also bring down significantly the training time of your troops.

A 50k train troop boost could well mean that it will take 40 days to train that batch of troops, so most probably you'll also need to use some speed ups so that the end of the troop training coincides with the train troops day in the MGE.

Now you can take it further and pop a 50k boost (if you have them) across multiple troop types and make sure all the troops land on the same day of the event, this will really boost your score. For example 50k T5 troops will bag you around 5 million points for the MGE.

If you don't have 50k boosts, then 20k or 10k also can give you a nive score boost. Of course you'll need to make sure you have enough speed ups too to make sure your troop training finishes on the day of the event.

Train a Tier 1 Unit: 5 Points

Train a Tier 2 Unit: 10 Points

Train a Tier 3 Unit: 20 Points

Train a Tier 4 Unit: 40 Points

Train a Tier 5 Unit: 100 Points

Day 2: Kill Barbarians

The higher the level the barbarian, the higher the score you'll make per kill. It's also just more time efficient to send all of your marches to kill single barbarians, and move them around the map as a group. While this is very time efficient, it's probably not the most efficient way to use your action recovery potion pots and you'll easily run through a ton of these as you aim to take out as many barbs as possible to get you to the top of the MGE.

One method to save your energy pots is to chain barbarians, this basically means sending a commander than can AOE (attack all enemies), into a group of barbarians, and carefully maneuvering him to other close by groups while he is still fighting the original barbarian in order to start an attack on another barbarian without using any action points. It's a little tricky, but if you have the time, and are short on energy pots, it's an option!

Defeat the barbs to get points as follows...

Lvl. 1-6 Barb: 300 Points

Lvl. 7-9 Barb: 600 Points

Lvl. 10-12 Barb: 900 Points

Lvl. 13-15 Barb: 1200 Points

Lvl. 16-17 Barb:1500 Points

Lvl 18-19 Barb: 1800 Points

Lvl. 20 Barb: 2100 Points

Lvl 21 Barb: 2400 Points

Lvl 22 Barb: 2700 Points

Lvl. 23 Barb 3000 Points

Lvl. 24 Barb: 3300 Points

Lvl. 25 Barb 3600 Points

Lvl. 26-30 Barb: 4000 Points

Lvl. 31-35 Barb: 4500 Points

Lvl. 36-40 Barb: 5000 Points

Lvl. 41-55 Barb: 10000 Points

Day 3: Gather Resources

Set your commanders off to gather some gold just before the daily reset to ensure that they come back on day 3 with your gathered resources to start your scoring off well. The best scoring resources are gems and gold. For gems you'll need to be pretty active and prepared to keep finding closeby gem mines to plunder. Gold also works really well, and with a Level 6 gold mine taking roughly 2 hours to complete it doesn't mean that you have to be hunched over your device constantly!

Gather 100 Food : 1 Point

Gather 100 Wood : 1 Point

Gather 100 Stone : 2 Points

Gather 100 Gold : 5 Points

Gather 1 Gem : 150 Points

Look out for gathering runes too to help boost your gathering speed. Also remember to pop your gathering boost from your items!

Days 2 and 3 are never really going to be outstanding scoring days, you basically just have to grind as much as you can. Even if you can't rank well in the MGE, at least you could try to achieve a high rank in day 2 or day 3 in order to get the daily event reward which will include a nice pile of gems.

Day 4: Increase Power

This is probably the best day for lower power players that have not yet maxed out their buildings and research. Again, you can prepare yourself for this event by setting up long duration research or buildings to complete on this day of the event, or use speed ups to bring these builds and researches to a close. It's also another day to complete troops if you want to, although it's generally best to do these on Day 1 as you get more points.

Increase Troop Power by 1: 2 Points

Increase Building Power by 1: 2 Points

Increase Research Power by 1: 2 Points

The apprpriate runes and buffs will help you here to, and literally every speed up counts later in the game, so don't be shy to ask for the Architect to help bring down your build times as well as hunting for build and research runes.

Day 5: Destroy Enemies!

The kill event, as it is known, is the biggest opportunity to rack up a heap of points. But it could come at a cost to your resources as you rack up large hospitale bills when you go into battle. There are a couple of ways that you can take on the kill event>

1) Look for weaker governors or abandoned cities, scout them and if you can make an easy win go for the attack.

2) Arrange battles with other governors on a like for like basis so that you both get kill points, but you'll both get a hospital resources bill too!

Often, in established kingdoms, the kingom king or a high ranking officer will send out MGE lists which will determine the kill event rules, so please do remember to look out for these messages and play to the rules that they lay out, otherwise you could well end on on their list for zeroing!

Day 6 Final Sprint

The final day of the MGE means you can top up your score in any of the previous ways, this is a great way to close in on and take a great ranking, but be sure you don't get sniped yourself, as in close events, often people will only boost their score in the final moments - for example complete the training of troops for a large laast minute boost.

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