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Rise of Kingdoms is a popular strategy kingdom building game where the idea is to build the strongest kingdom and compete with other players for glory on the battlefield alongside your alliance. Read on for our best tips and help for this game.

Rise of Kingdoms has been around for many years now, our Strategy Guide covers loads of the game from What to spend your gems on to Joining an Alliance, Best Commanders and much more.

Whether you are new to the game, or an expierenced player, our Strategy Guide may be of some use to you.

At AppGamer, we've been into RoK more or less since it launched and we are still active in the game now. So here is a run down of our latest tips and help that we hope will be generally useful.

Rise of Kingdoms Tips and Help

1. Starting Out

If you are starting out in the game, just keep spending your resources on upgrades, speed everything up, don't hold back, you need to get your Town Center to level 25 as soon as possible. This may well take a couple months if you are getting a lot of help from another account, or much longer if you are starting out on your own as a free to play player.

Getting to level 25 is the starting point to participate in kingdom vs kingdom events where the big rewards can be found.

2. Join an Alliance

You really need to be part of an alliance to survive in RoK, find the strongest and most active one in your kingdom that will accept you. Or the one that you feel you like the vibe of best. If you can be active in your alliance you stand more chance of being noticed by the bigger players and maybe afforded some special rewards from time to time.

3. Participate in Events

Events are great ways to get in-game rewards and boosts, look out for all of the events using the calendar and try to rank well in some of them for good rewards.

4. Don't give away your gold!

If you are starting out, you have little use for gold until your troops are T5, but at that point you'll find that your gold is rapidly depleted after wars no matter how much you have! So hang on to your gold - you'll need it eventually and a lot of it!

5. Timing building, research and training.

If you can time your big point scoring building, research and training to finish at the time of an event you'll get the benefit of those point for the event.

For example, I like to run a 20k troop build boost and time it's conclusion to line up with an event that will benefit from these training points.

6. Gems

Gems are handed out pretty easily in the game, try to save them and use them during the More than Gems event where you will get free rewards for spending gems.

The best thing to spend your gems on in my opinion is equipment materials, these are really hard to grind for so if you can purchase more int he VIP store it is helpful.

7. VIP Levels

You want to get your VIP status to level 14 if possible, at that point you'll get three legendary gold heads every day for free in the level 14 VIP chest.

8. Grind Equipment

As stated above equipment materials are probably the hardest thing to grind the game, and getting an early start on these will see you well later in the game. So make sure you do all of your Sunset Canyon in the Campaigns menu.

Also make sure your blacksmith is constantly producing. Bones are usually related to gathering related equipment. But the other three are usually for attacking and defending equipment. The basically whether you are focusing on archers, cavalry or swordsmen, that will decide which type of material you should collect more of.

That about wraps up this brief overview of our top tips and help for Rise of Kingdoms in 2022, there is loads more info in our Strategy Guide and you can find loads more help on our Answers Page including individual answers to Lyceum of Wisdom questions.

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