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Clarion Call

Clarion Call
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Destroy barbarians in this time-limited special event to receive chests and try to compete for the ranking rewards for individuals and alliances.

Rewards includes gems, golden keys and speedups for this individuals in the top 100. And tomes, chests and army power ups for alliance members in the top 20.

Other rewards are on offer as you destroy more barbarians on the map and reach certain stages.

Check the requirements out and running dates via the notepad icon on the top right of the game screen.

Clarion Call Event
Clarion Call Event

Tips and Strategy

Send out multiple groups of troops to defeat the highest ranking barbarians that you can for the best rewards.

Start early with this one and use up all of your Action Points. Players going for the top positions in this event will consume loads of Action Point recovery items, so if you are going for one of the top ranks, be aware that you'll being using up tons of Action Point recoveries.

You will at least be gaining XP and Tomes for your commanders for each Barbarian group that you defeat.

Look out for your Peacemaker Commanders, like Lohar and Boudica, these guys have reduced Action Point consumption levels in their Talent Tree. Over the long run, this will save you loads in Action Points.


As well as the rewards you get for defeating barbarians, if you rank in the top 100 of your kingdom, then you'll get some individual rewards at the end of the event also. Check the event menu for the specifics as these may change from time to time, but they are usuall quite good and include gems and speedups, depending on how high up you finish.

Also on offer are Alliance rewards, all members of the top 20 alliances per kingdom will a selection of rewards which include tomes of knowledge, resource chests and alliance credits, again depends on how high up you finish as to what you get exactly.

Also, as you gain individual points in this event you get access to four different chests:

Points Chest Contains
500 10k Wood, 10k Food, 7.5k Stone, 50m speedup
1000 20k Wood, 20k Food, 15k Stone, 50m speedup
2000 50k Wood, 50k Food, 37.5k Stone, 50m speedup
4000 1k Action Point, Lv1 Pick One Chest (10), Lv2 Pick One Chest (2), 10 Dazzling Starlight Sculptures (Gold Stars)

Free Gems

Don't forget that part of the drops for defeating normal barbarians on the maps could be 10 gems - So this event is also a great way accumulate a load of free gems as a by-product of taking part in an event with it's own great rewards-

Points Table

Here is a table which lists the points you get for each level of Barbarian that you defeat. If you defeat the same group with multiple armies at the same time, then you'll get that amount of points multiplied by the number of armies that were there at the end of the battle:

Lv 1-6 Barbarians = 10 Points

Lv 7-9 Barbarians = 20 Points

Lv 10-12 Barbarians = 30 Points

Lv 13-15 Barbarians = 40 Points

Lv 16-17 Barbarians = 50 Points

Lv 18-19 Barbarians = 60 Points

Lv 20 Barbarians = 70 Points

Lv 21 Barbarians = 80 Points

Lv 22 Barbarians = 90 Points

Lv 23 Barbarians = 100 Points

Lv 24 Barbarians = 110 Points

Lv 25 Barbarians = 120 Points

It's always best to send multiple armies out to defeat the highest level barbarians that you can, that will maximise your return for the effort and time it takes to participate in this event.

An alternative method is to just use commanders that consume the least Action Points (Peacekeepers, with reduced action point talents), to conserve your action points.

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