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Gengis Khan

Gengis Khan
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Genghis Khan is a Legendary Commander added to Rise of Kingdoms in the April 2018, Lost Kingdoms update.

He is a cavalry specialist commander, but also has versatility and skill options in his Talent Tree.

Genghis Khan - Legendary Commander
Genghis Khan - Legendary Commander

How to Unlock Genghis Khan

Currently Genghis Khan is only available on certain servers, and has not been released in all kingdoms as yet. Older kingdoms will have Genghis Khan available to unlock first. I play in Kingdom 68, and I can confirm that Genghis Khan is available now on that server.

As with any commander, you'll need to get 10 sculptures of that commander to unlock him. Currently, the only way I can see to get the Genghis Khan sculptures is to use the Wheel of Fortune. So it's really down to luck whether or not you'll unlock him, you'll probably need a lot of spins and use a lot of gems though.

Genghis Khan - Wheel of Forture
Genghis Khan - Wheel of Forture

How to Use Genghis Khan

Best teamed with Minamoto as a second commander for incredibly high skill damage potential, and also with a 100% cavalry army to get the best out of Genghis Khan.

He is an out and out nuker, so Genghis Khan will give you a lot of damage on the battlefield against other armies and against barbarians.

Focus on the Cavalry and Skills in the Talent Tree.

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