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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
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Rise of Civilizations are running a special event over the Valentines Day period offering new special City decorations and limited edition valentines day theme.

There are a number of events that help you win these special prizes in the game.

The main event to help you to complete the Valentines Day event is the Love Beckons event. This is an event spread over 5 days where you must try to complete all the various tasks listed over the 5 days. Every day more things to do become unlocked.

You don't have to complete the Day 1 items on Day one though.... You can complete them on any of the 5 days. Except of course the Log in Daily task.

Each task completed earns Roses as well as other things. These Roses can be used in the Pledge of Thorns event in order to unlock the special Valentines Day theme.

Check out the scroll in the top right of the screen for full details of what you have to do.

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