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Sunset Canyon

Sunset Canyon is a campaign mode added to game in August 2019, where you challenge other commanders in your Kingdom in a simulated 5v5 battle using your choice of troops which the game provides, but your own commanders.

In this campaign mode only commander level and talents take effect, no other buffs take effect. So it's really a matter of how strong your commanders are, how well you pair them with secondaries, which troops you select and how you distribute your armies over the 10 possible position slots.

Sunset Canyon Leaderboard
Sunset Canyon Leaderboard

The first thing you need to do is set up a defense. Go straight ahead and put forward your Best Commanders in five of the slots. After that has been done, you can start challenging other commanders.

You'll need to work out which commanders work well together, and which troops they are best suited to. To help you work this out check out your commanders skills and talents.

Often in a commanders skills there are good buffs when they are paired with certain types of troops, for example. Cao Cao, Baibars, Belisarius, Minamoto are great with cavalry - Assuming you have their skills at a good level.

Sunset Canyon - Setting a Defense and Starting the Battle
Sunset Canyon - Setting a Defense and Starting the Battle

Then it's also a matter of how your challenge opponent lays out his troops, for example if you are throwing your cavalry against infantry, then the cav may be at a disadvantage. The cavalry is strong against archers. Archers are strong against infantry and infantry are strong against cavalry.

Sunset Canyon - The Battle Runs Automatically
Sunset Canyon - The Battle Runs Automatically

There are rewards in this campaign and you'll get these weekly based on your final position and if you participated or not.

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