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The Castle is an incredibly important building in Rise of Civilizations, but it's also one that is incredibly difficult to upgrade because you need a lot of Books of Covenant to upgrade through the levels.

Initially you don't need many, but for the finals levels you'll need thousands, for example, the upgrade from level 24 to 25 will cost you 5000 books - that equates to 50,000 gems, if you are purchasing the books with gems.

Having a castle level 25 is a pre-requisite for a number of things such as training level 5 troops and having a level 25 hospital. Having a level 25 castle is a great thing to aim for but it can be expensive to get there!

The Castle basically allows you to make rallies against Barbarian forts, passes, enemy alliance buildings, and enemy cities, the higher level the castle, the more troops you can accept into your rally.

So while level 25 castle may not be a practical option for most people, getting the castle to as high a level as you can as quickly as you can is good, so it allows you to make decent sized rallies.

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