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Strategic Reserve

Strategic Reserve
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Strategic Reserve is a time limited special event that appears in Rise of Civilizations from time to time.

Strategic Reserve Special Event
Strategic Reserve Special Event

The idea is that you gather as many supply boxes as you can during the time of the event and then you'll be ranked according to how many that you get during the event.

There are extra rewards for ranking very high in this event, but the are also rewards for everyone each time you find a supply box, these will be delivered to your mailbox and once claimed will be found in the Other section in Items.

Supply Boxes - In Items : Other
Supply Boxes - In Items : Other

The Supply Boxes are great as they are, because as well as resources, they often contain other special items such as speedups, arrows of resistance, keys etc... So they are just worth collecting in any case even if you have no hope of reaching the top 100 in the event and unlocking the extra rewards.

Typical Supply Box Rewards (this is 13 supply boxes!)
Typical Supply Box Rewards (this is 13 supply boxes!)

You can get these supply boxes in a number of ways:

1. City Collection
Supply boxes will be received randomly while making collections from ny of your resources in your own City.

2. Defeating Barbarians
You have a chance to receive supply boxes every time that you defeat barbarians on the map.

3. Map Collection
You can also get supply boxes while you send your troops out collecting resources on the map.

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