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How to Get Free Gems

How to Get Free Gems
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Gems are the premium currency in Rise of Kingdoms, so basically if you want a ton of them you'll probably have to purchase them with real money. However the game is very generous with free gems, and you can really do quite well in the game without spending a dime... Or penny :)

There are many ways in the game to get free gems. Here are some of the best ways:

1) Upgrading your City Hall
Every City Hall upgrade comes with a heap of gems depending on the level of your City Hall. These gems are collectible in the 'Main Quest' area, you may have to complete other tasks to get at them, but know they are there waiting for you once you have completed other tasks in the Main Quest.

Upgrade Your City Hall for a Ton of Free Gems!
Upgrade Your City Hall for a Ton of Free Gems!

2) Defeating Barbarians and Barbarian Forts
Sometimes you get a small amount of gems for defeating barbarians - Not always, but there is a chance, you don't get many but it does add up. And defeating barbarians is great for getting the tomes of knowledge you need to upgrade your commanders.

3) Completing Your Daily Objectives
If you get to the final chest in your daily objectives (This doesn't require you to complete all of the daily objectives) there will be 100 gems in there as well as other valuable rewards. Daily objectives are pretty much everything that you need to be doing daily in the game anyway!

Complete Daily Objectives for 100 Free Gems
Complete Daily Objectives for 100 Free Gems

4) Bind Your Account on Facebook
If you are prepared to connect your Facebook account to the game, then it will reward you with 200 gems. Binding is also a good idea as your game will be recoverable and should also allow you to switch between ios and Android.

5) Mine Gems
Once you have researched Jewelry in the Academy you will be able to mine gems on the map. You don't get too many of these for your efforts but it is a free and easy way to get some gems. Usually there are 10 gems for every level of the Gem Deposit on the map.

Mine For Free Gems
Mine For Free Gems

6) Special Events
Rise of Civilizations is always running special events. The ones that are running currently can be viewed by tapping the notepad like icon on the top right of the screen. Check out the rewards on some of these, and you may see that gems are available for free.

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