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Passport Page
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The Passport Page is the item which is used to allow you to migrate from one kingdom to another in Rise of Kingdoms. There are a couple of ways that you can get the Passport Page in Rise of Kingdoms, one is paid for and the other is via the alliance shop. Over time, more ways to acquire the Passport Page may become available.

Getting the Passport Page

You can purchase a Passport Page in your alliance shop, assuming they have them in stock. It does cost the alliance 100,000 alliance credits to stock the shop with one of these, and you'll need 800,000 individual credits to purchase it from your alliance shop.

Passport Page in the Alliance Shop
Passport Page in the Alliance Shop

The other way to get a Passport Page is to make a purchase of the New World package in the Super Value Bundles tab after tapping the gem icon which brings up the shop.

Passport Page in a Purchasable Bundle
Passport Page in a Purchasable Bundle

The Passport Page allows to to migrate to a new Kingdom, we have a guide on exactly how to migrate in Rise of Kingdoms on our Migration page.

A word on Teleporting

Teleporting is different to Migration, and we have a guide on How to Teleport. Teleporting is basically when you move from one location to another within the same kingdom, and there are different ways to do this with teleporting and different rules to follow.

Migration and the use of Passport Pages is only when you want to move from one Kingdom to an entirely different one! It's also not just as simple as getting a passport page, you may need more than one, your chosen kingdom must be developed, and there are a few other small requirements to fill as well which are explained on our Migration guide page.

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