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The Germany event runs in conjunction with the Symphony of Destiny event.

Int he Germany event you have 4 days to get as many Parchment Music items as you can in order to exchange them for rewards in the Symphony of Destiny event.

You can get the Parchment Music items in the following ways:

Gather Items in the Courier Station
You get 1 parchment after 10 and 3 more after 20.

Consume Action Points
You get 1 parchment 500 and another after 1500 action points are consumed

Gather Resources on the Map
You get 1 parchment for 1.5m wood gathered.
You get 1 parchment for 1.5m food gathered.
You get 1 parchment for 1m stone gathered.
You get 3 parchments for a total of 5m resources of any type gathered.

The goals reset every day at 00:00 UTC, so if you complete the goals every day you can just keep repeating every day again the same goals to win everything every day during the event. This is the best way to get the most Parchment Music items.

Find out what rewards you can exchange your Parchment Music for over on our Symphony of Destiny page.

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