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At the beginning of the game, you are required to make a critical choice that will have some affect on your ability to gather resources and fight. Both critcial features in the game. The thing is, you are asked to make this decision before you have played the game... Kinda difficult I think... So, let's run through all of your Nation choices in Rise of Kingdoms and see which one is right for you, along with us giving you our own recommendations.

Every nation will come with their own commander, and a set of bonuses. But remember, as you play through the game, you'll be sure to unlock all of the starter commanders anyway, so don't let that be a deciding factor for you. Take note of the unique units and the bonuses that you get for each Nation to help make you decision as to what Nation is best for you in Rise of Kingdoms.


The Sun Never Sets:

Archer attack increases 5%. Wood gathering speed increases 10%. Ally Garrison capacity increases 20%.

Unique Unit:

Longbowman (Archer)

Starting Commander:

Boudica (Nuker, Jungler)

Boudica is an incredibly useful commander in the game, but it's not enough for you to want to start with Britain! The boosts are just not good enough and you can pick up Boudica easily in the game.



Troop health increases 2%. Stone Gathering speed increases 10%. Hospital Healing speed increases 10%.

Unique Unit:

Throwing Axemen

Starting Commander:

Joan of Arc (Support, Gatherer)

Another nation that you can probably overlook when consider which one to start with. The boosts are not really that fantastic. Joan of Arc is incredibly useful in the game as you will use her to gather resources on the map, she is really easy to get as play through the game anyway.


Glory of the Empire:

Infantry defense increases 5%. Troops March Speed increases 5%. Food Gathering Speed increases 10%.

Unique unit:

Legion (infantry).

Starting Commander:

Scipio Africanus (Leader, Good at PvP Combat)

The infantry bonuses are good, and you're ahead when it comes to a faster attack. The food gathering boost is also welcome as you will need to do a lot of this in the game.

But remember, as with other nations, you can get these boosts for any commander in the talent tree.


Eagle of Germany:

Cavalry attack increases 5%. Troops training speed increases 5%. Action Points recovery speed increases 10%.

Unique unit:

Teutonic Knight (Cavalry)

Starting Commander: Hermann (Disabler, Archer, Defender)

The action point recovery bonus is really good, especially if you plan to be an active player. Basically in the game you use action points when you attack barbarians and forts on the map, again it is something you'll do a lot of in the game, so selecting a nation specifically with an action point recovery bonus is a good idea. Also, you'll always be training troops, so that bonus is great too.

What does this mean? Germany trains troops faster than other civilizations and also recovers action points faster, meaning that you can conduct more raids and attack barbarians more often. Hermann is also good at defending your city, so overall things are pretty good here.


The Matador:

Cavalry Defense increases 5%. Gold gathering speed increases 10%. Troops load increases 10%.

Unique Unit:

Conquistador (Cavalry)

Starting Commander: Pelagius (Nuker, Cavalry, Defender)

This is an interesting Nation to consider. The boosts are good especially as gold is a tough resource to mine (when you unlock the resource later in the game). Troops load increase is also handy so you don't have to send out as many troops each time to collect stuff.


Balance of Yin and Yang:

Archer Defense increase 5%. Hospital capacity increase 10%. Research speed increases 2%.

Unique Unit:

Hwarang (Infantry)

Starting Commander:

Eulji Mundeok (Nuker, Defender, Infantry)

Nothing really to write home about again in terms of in-game boost, give this one a skip I think.



Troops attack increases 2%. Scout march speed increases 30%. Troop training capacity increases 5%.

Unique Unit:

Samurai (Infantry)

Starting Commander:

Kusunoki Masashige (Nuker, Defender, Archer)

Another Nation that I'm not too impressed with as a starter. The scouts you use every day, but it's not really of much consequence if they are 30% faster in reality. The starter Commander is good though.


Art of War:

Troops defense increases 2%. Resource Production increases 10%. Building speed increases 2%.

Unique Unit:

Chu-Ko-Nu (Archer)

Starting Commander:

Sun Tzu (Nuker, Defender, Infantry)

The resource production boost is not as great as it sounds as most of the resources you get in the game will be through gathering. The other boosts are pretty small.


Boundless Oasis:

Increases cavalry attack by 5%, damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 10% and damage dealt by rallied armies by 5%

Unique Unit:

Mamluk (Cavalry)

Starting Commander:

Baibars (Cavalry, Conquering, Skill)

Overall a pretty good choice because of the boost against barbarians and cavalry is a great choice of unit to defeat barbarians. If you want to focus on Cavalry then Arabia is a very good option.

Ottoman Empire

Realm of the King:

Increases archer health by 5%, troops march speed by 5% and active skill damage by 5%

Unique Unit:

Janissary (Archer)

Starting Commander:

Osman I (Leadership, Conquering, Skill)

I'm not a fan of this civilization and feel there are better out there, especially if you are starting in the game. If you end up being an archer specialist, then Ottoman Empire would be one to consider.


Heavenly Light:

Increases cavalry health by 5%,stone gathering speed by 10% and hospital capacity by 15%

Unique Unit:

Cataphract (Cavalry)

Starting Commander:

Belisarius (Cavalry, Peacekeeping, Mobility)

This is a really great option for cavalry commanders later in the game there is a nice cavalry health boost as well as a massive 15% increase in hospital capacity, when you have level 25 hospitals and are playing kingdom vs kingdom, this hospital boost is very welcome!


So after considering all the nations in the game, my preference to start with is Rome, I really like all three of it's buffs and it is a nation that can be good throughout the game, without ever needing to change.

Rome - Best Starting Nation
Rome - Best Starting Nation

An alternative nation to start with would be Arabia because of it's buff against Barbarians.

Arabia - Strong against Barbarians
Arabia - Strong against Barbarians

Later in the game the Nation that stands out to me is Byzantium because of it's increased hospital size buff.

Byzantium - Great for advanced players that prefer Cavalry
Byzantium - Great for advanced players that prefer Cavalry

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