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Finding a Good Alliance

Finding a Good Alliance
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Alliances in Rise of Kingdoms come in all shapes and sizes, but in each Kingdom, there hopefully is one that fits your style of play.

Pay to Play or Free to Play

Some alliances are literally all pay to play gamers, and they will probably expect you to purchase chests from time to time as well, if that is not your bag, and you just want to play along happily for free, then don't look to consider an alliance like this.

Some alliances are mixed with free to play gamers and pay to play gamers and these could well be the best ones to look for if you are a free to play user of Rise of Kingdoms. You see, the benefit of being in with the Pay to Play gamers is that you will benefit with a small gift from each of their chest purchases. This will really help with gems, but more importantly will really hjelp to get your VIP level up to that critical VIP level 7 when the second builder queue is permanently unlocked.

In my particular alliance we have a couple of big spenders, and the amount of gifts that we get is insane, all for many in the group not spending anything at all.

Another thing to look out for is the strength of the alliance, okay at the beginning you'll not get accepted into the strongest alliance, but over time, you need to work your way up into the stronger, if not the strongest alliance.

Pay attention also to who the strongest alliance is allies with and try to get into one of the smaller ally clans.

For example, on our server, the strongest clan is the Northern Force. But there is also a kind of Northern Family, which is not an alliance as such, but an informal group of alliances which have a deal to work together to help each other out and not attack each other. If you can't get into the top alliances, then look to who they are allied with and get in that way, work your way up, then move to the strongest alliance when you can.

Look for an Active Alliance

Make sure that any alliance that you participate in is active, you really want to have the option to participate in Fort Rallies as often as possible. So look out for an alliance which has members with high power that can initiate Fort Rallies and looks like they are active.

Pay attention to what people say in the Kingdom Chat, and maybe get a feel for what other alliance members are like to see if you want to be a part of their alliance.

I play in The Northern Force in Kingdom of Ur #1068, if anyone is looking for a great alliance to be a part of whether you are a free to play or pay to play gamer, then look us up and try to join, or any alliance of the Northern Family.

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